H.I.T-5 to release EP in May


For everyone who had trouble downloading a decent quality of HIT-5’s song HIT , there’s good news, an EP with both HIT and Sweet Dream will be released in May finally. The EP is entitled Say You Love Me Again. I have never heard of a boyband doing promotional activities for over half a year when they don’t even have a product for people to buy, but HIT-5 has done that, and managed to get a solid fanbase.

Preview of their new promo song: Dong Ai De Gu Du

I was thinking about what accounted for all their fans, and what made HIT-5 stand apart. Yes, they have some decent singers and dancers, and yes they are good-looking, but that’s nothing new.  I then realized that they are the most metrosexual Asian boyband I’ve ever seen. And you’d be lying if you said you liked Asian boybands and didn’t like metro guys.


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  1. No but it should be sometime after Jie Jie Gao Sheng begins to air, so they get more exposure from that show and thus more buyers. Unless they really suck, in which case that probably won’t help them.

  2. duang huangwei is really good looking, I think so too, He does not stand out as much, that is because all the group members are all really good looking.
    I agree with drunkenhammie, HIT5 wins hand down on looks, probably the best looking boy group in asia, but they do lack in the singing and dancing departments compared to the other groups. eg TOP combine, are probably better at singing and dancing, as well as they compose their own songs…..
    I hope HIT5 improves, because they are very very popular!

    Super junior is probably the most rounded group haha. they are my fav
    Yesung, ryeowook and kyuhuhn all have great voices. Sungmin and donghae as well.
    They are all really good at dancing especially hangeng, who is amazing at classical dancing as well.

  3. I’m surprised Duang Huangwei isn’t one of the favorites. He’s the best singer and good-looking. Although the good-looking part doesn’t make him stand out in HIT-5…

    From Wiki:
    An extended play (EP) is a vinyl record, CD, or music download which contains more music than a single, but is too short to qualify as an LP. Usually, an EP has around 10–28 minutes of music, a single has up to 10 minutes, and an album generally has 30–80 minutes.

    Extended Plays seem to be the norm now in Asia for those companies wanting an easy way to gauge how their artist is received, without spending big bucks. Top Combine was able to release their EP very quickly, because they had the support of all the eeMedia members (Wei Chen, Yu Haoming, etc) giving them a boost publicity-wise and of course Hunan TV.

    Both HIT-5 and A-One need to work harder. At least HIT-5 has Gao Yu who was on My Show but A-One is kind of far behind in the popularity game since they have no one with pre-debut fame. This is why they’re taking long to release their stuff.

    I think Top Combine does kind of deserve their popularity, since they are the best all-around, because they have good dancers, singers, and composers (yes, I’m including Zhang Yuan). And there’s no way you can be part of the “Superboys” without loving music…there’s no way. Their environment will help them grow as artists.

  4. EP means “extended play” so it’s smaller than an album but is bigger than singles (has 3 or more songs) =P

  5. But among the many mainland boybands that’s sprouting out nowadays, I’d say hit-5 wins hands-down for the best looking members (Yangfan and Gaoyu are the favourites, from what I see in their facebk group)
    I have a feeling that just for this reason they’re gonna be really popular soon.
    But I really hope better deserving boybands like A-one will not be drowned out :( They have beautiful voices, and I fell in love with “You teared up my heart” immediately <3
    A really stupid qs: what does EP stand for? And how is it diff from a normal album?

  6. @Billy…I would too. Heh, maybe I just love the Asian Vitas imitators, I don’t know. But remember when you said that Cape No7 wasn’t perfect, but it was great because it seemed like a turnaround for the Taiwanese movie industry which usually just has arthouse flicks?

    I kind of see HIT-5 in the same way now. They’re young and energetic…at least some of them have talent, which is more than I can say for say, Li Yifeng, who’s probably going to get an album of good songs to himself. HIT-5 fills that void for people who if they’re not getting their good-looking boybands from China, then they will go for it elsewhere, much like if people can’t get the fun blockbusters from Taiwan, they will go see American, etc movies.

    @idarklight…I think we should just make a post about good songs going to undeserving people…

  7. @Billy I would, too. But boybands aren’t there for their voices, and their target audience is teen girls who likes to look at pretty boys and wishes they were as pretty as them.

    @mrpeng I like that song, too, but not so much their singing. I wish people with stronger voices could have sang that song… why do so many good songs go with less deserving voices? T_T

  8. i think its a good song. i like the beat and the piano background.
    btw. their english is awful. lol. “save you a dream” sounded like “sa yu a dree”

  9. dont see anything special in them…just another asian boyband. they arent particularly good singers either. The beat and melody in the MV overpower their voices. Id take Crowd Lu over HIT5 anyday

  10. I think you can be metro without acting girly. The only one who acts girly is Dong Yufeng, and I think he’s just like that naturally. And I feel like a failure as a female for not knowing how to take care of my skin as well as him.

  11. since im a guy, I feel like a homo whenever i watch/see hit-5 pics or vid. I wish they would stop acting so girly/(stop being forced to act girly, ie. dongyufeng) so i can just watch hit-5 vids without myself feeling or thinking I’m gay.

  12. Oh great ! I listened to their songs, and they weren’t bad. haha. I hope the EP has more than two songs, or else they could just call it a single.. lol.

  13. I think it’s also because they’re pretty young [18~20]. O: And yey~ I like Sweet Dream. But hopefully there are more songs included .__.;

  14. @julie…no idea, but you’d think there’d be more. It seems odd to say, now that you have listened to our songs for over half a year, please buy them.

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