Bao Chunlai wins at Asian Badminton Championships


Chen Long and his senior Bao Chunlai

I haven’t talked much about sports in a while, even though when I started this site I had intended to because I was still in Olympics mode. I simply forgot to check sports sections of Sina, Sohu, etc. However, today I saw this on yahoo accidentally and was pleasantly surprised to hear Bao Chunlai had won the Asian badminton championships , which is rather good considering that most of the dominant players in this game are Asian.

Bao Chunlai, when we last left him, had shaved his hair off and went bald because he didn’t place in the Olympics. Seeing him back to form (ie his good-looking happy self) was really nice. Getting the silver was Chen Long, a tall (189cm), 19-year-old from Xiamen who is the Chinese junior champion,  someone people say will be the next Lin Dan, and has already beaten the world number 1.

The Badminton Asia Championships took place Sunday April 12th in Suwon, south of Seoul. Bao Chunlai defeated unseeded Chen Long 16-21, 21-10, 21-16 after overcoming a slow start. China swept three titles.

More of Chen Long:


Chen Long with his very happy coach (he's smiling, trust me)

I swear there is something in the water for those badminton players, because every single one of the top male players is  really good looking. There’s no exaggeration here…Lin Dan, Bao Chunlai, Cai Yun and Fu Hai Feng, and the newer stars Chen Jin and Chen Long. Even more proof? Chen Zheyu from Chinese Prince of Tennis used to be on the national team…


Good Luck to everyone in 2012 and may Chen Long learn from how Bao Chunlai schooled him how to be less cocky after winning just one set, so he can improve and so I can see more of him in 2012.


14 thoughts on “Bao Chunlai wins at Asian Badminton Championships

  1. Although quite late but I would like to congrats Bao Chunlai my beloved player for winning 3 titles in this early 2009, hope he will perform better and more better

  2. I was at the Chicago airport yesterday, and wow, they have Olympics advertising all over the place. It’s all over the walls and the announcements. There was nothing like that in Beijing when I went back in 2005…but then, I’m not great at noticing things. I was in China the whole summer of 2005, yet failed to notice the Super Girls. How did I miss that?

    The other two cities have won more votes than Chicago in the past few rounds, though. And 2010 is in Vancouver. 2012 in London…do we really need another Anglo-Saxon city?

  3. Ah, they are good looking ^^
    Oh those dates up there … I want to see them!

    wow, my brother’s name is actually ‘Chen Long’ too in pinyin that is. We are from Xiamen too. hahaha.

  4. I think for me the ranking for the Chinese National Team is:

    1) Badminton
    2) Diving
    3) Gymnastics
    4) Volleyball
    5) Swimming

    I think most of the sports China was in had at least one good looking guy but those top three are the ones China does best in so there’s more of the hot, talented ones. Paralympics too. Man I miss the Olympics…

    And usually the countries that host have a slight negative impact on their economy right after, so it wouldn’t help Latin America at all really.

  5. I think Gymnastics and Diving guys are better looking, or maybe it’s just their lack of clothes….but they’re all so short, though.

    But now that the US is more focused elsewhere, I feel like most Latin Americans countries are finally allowed to go in the positive direction. Awarding one of them the Olympics will give them extra boost.

  6. One of the biggest regrets of my life too idarklight…and not to make this post political, but Latin America really got screwed over by the US corporations, the US government, and the puppet regimes they installed during most of the 20th century, and I would like to see them host as well.

    @anon – I’m not sure…confesssion time: I watch most sports for the eyecandy and badminton has it in spades.

  7. why is the chinese team still wearing the fedex logo? i thought their contract ended in by 2009…
    anyway, congrats to CL and BCL

  8. I hope Madrid ets it…that will make it more likely for Harbin. XD If they do, I’m definitely volunteering for it. I still regret not going to the Beijing Olympics.

    I was really rooting for Rio for 2016, though. I think South America is modern enough to host the Olympics, and though it’s not as modern as neither Madrid or Tokyo, hosting the Olympics will probably improve it tremondously. And really, I feel like Latin America in general deserves more recognition after/while still living in the shadows of the US.

  9. @julie I think it’s going to be a tight race between Madrid and Tokyo. I think both would be excellent hosts, but Madrid hasn’t hosted yet, so I’d like to see them get the chance to.

    Harbin is just a cool city, ripe with historical importance/heritage. I would love to see it host.

  10. 2008 beijing summer olympics
    2010 guangzhou asia olympic games
    2010 shanghai world expo (going to to see it my home city)
    2014 nanjing youth olympics
    2018 harbin winter olympics???

    go china!!

  11. Yay congrats to them
    Btw who do u think will get the 2016 olympics

    Also I hope harbin will get the 2018 winter games

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