The Opening for “Hidden Fragrance” released…


The opening sequence for the upcoming Huang Xiaoming/Wang Luodan drama “Bei Ai Fang Zu” (Exiled By Love) was recently released, giving  glimpses into of the high production value of this production that Huang Xiaoming said would be his last drama for a while  (this was before he decided that Summer of Bubbles was too good to pass up).

The title was recently changed from An Xiang, or Hidden Fragrance.  It may have been confusing for audiences, since this was also the name of the brilliant “Jin Fen Shi Jia” theme song, which was composed by my one of my favorite contemporary Chinese composers of all time, San Bao. This one’s not even really a real theme song,  although it still does the job in dramatizing striking images from the series.

Despite the fact that it stars two of the hottest stars in China right now and twenty million yuan investment, the publicity for this show has been relatively low-key. In fact most people who know of this series probably don’t know the title has been changed. But by the time the series is slated to air (sometime this summer or early this fall) the stars should draw all eyes to it.  Huang Xiaoming is a decent actor who hasn’t been seen in modern drama in a while, Wang Luodan’s acting has great range, and still loved in China after “Fen Dou”. If they don’t attract attention, then the lovely beaches of Sanya where this is filmed certainly should.

Source: An Xiang’s Baidu

7 thoughts on “The Opening for “Hidden Fragrance” released…

  1. try listening to wang xiao ming song It’s Ming ,you will love it.Whenever i am upset i will listen to his song.It really helps me to forget my sorrow and pain.If he has a concert in china ,i will definitely fly over.

  2. I love the cinematography from Chinese dramas… I’m a bit shallow, and I definitely place a lot of importance on the cinematography of dramas.

    They’re often the perfect mix of quality, details, but minus the darkness( though the Dream of the Red Chamber seems to be too dark for me). I think over 70% of the reason why I love Zhang Jizhong is how gorgeous his cinematography are.

  3. I kind of want to watch this for Wang Luodan…not Huang Xiaoming. :D I like him too, but I love Wang Luodan’s acting so much more.

    Also the cinematography looks really good for a tv show. Something I can’t stand about television is the fact that the cinematography sucks compared to movies.

  4. I know!….the closest thing to modern dramas he’s even been in was Shanghai Bun….but that wasn’t that much of a modern one anyway

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