New Dream of the Red Chamber Cast in Versace


From L-R Bai Bing, Zhang Di, Jiang Mengjie, Kang Qinzi and Li Qin

These photos feature the very young cast dressed in Versace for the upcoming New Dream of the Red Chamber series, for a piece called “Dreams in Versace” featured in iLook magazine. Those especially invited to participate in this photoshoot were Yang Yang (18 yrs)  as Older Baoyu, Yu Xiaotong as Younger Baoyu (14),  Li Qin as Young Baochai (18), Bai Bing as Older Baochai (22), and Jiang Mengjie as Lin Daiyu (19). Also in this photoshoot are Zhang Di as Jia Yingchun and Kang Qinzi as She Yue. In blue on the bottom is Yang Mi as Qing Wen, Baoyu’s servant.  Below the cut are  thumbnails from the rest of this shoot and some of my favorites.

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Reportedly this should be wrapping up filming this summer, and going into postproduction in order to begin airing in time for Chinese New Years in 2010.

Btw…does anyone want to help me make a new banner for Cfensi using the first picture? I’d really appreciate it, because the picture is gorgeous.

Jiang Mengjie as Lin Daiyuf4d80024b0483609d50742241

Yang Yang as older Jia Baoyu


Li Qin as Younger Xue Baochai


Bai Bing as Older Baochai and Yang Yang



18 thoughts on “New Dream of the Red Chamber Cast in Versace

  1. Aaah I’m so looking forward to this series!! I totaly fell in love with Yang Yang!! He is so goodlooking, and somehow very pure. Maybe that’s why I totally love this cast, all actors are so young, and they all look so…innocent, so not-showbiz like. And the costumes, set and music are so artistic, I am certain this series will take chinese drama to a new level!

  2. @megan

    Kan Qingzi. She plays She Yue….she’s also Jing Boran’s girlfriend in BOBO’s new movie.


    Sheyue (麝月, Musk) – Baoyu’s main maid after Xiren and Qingwen. She is very beautiful and caring, a perfect complement to Xiren.

  3. Yang Yang is a newbie, a graduate from the People’s Liberation Army School of Arts Dance Department.

    Not sure why he was picked, but I have faith in the director, Li Shaohong who is awesome, and I can’t wait to see this. I’ve been waiting since 2007 when they first started casting.

  4. Whoa, they’re doing Red Chamber? That’s like literally epic. The cast looks gorgeous, abet a little waifish… I’m excited to see this even though it’s like a billion years from now…

    Who is that Yang Yang guy? He’s really hot, and over 18, so I feel no shame in saying that out loud;;;

  5. wow the cast looks good, can’t wait until it starts broadcasting (sad…hav 2 wait till next year…oh well)

  6. @idarklight – Older Jia Baoyu looks adorable when he smiles! But to be honest, I haven’t seen him as much as the younger Baoyu in stills, so I’m afraid he won’t be getting much screentime. And although young Baoyu seems like a pretty good actor, he’s still only fourteen. Kind of weird to see him developing relationships with all these older girls.

    @Cy – thank you so much! I love the banner. Going to put it up as soon as I finish typing. The girls are thin, but they’re at an age where their metabolism hasn’t slowed yet except for Bai Bing who is noticeably not quite as thin, which fits her character too. Li Qin is really way too thin for Bao chai, but I love her facial angles.

    And Yang Mi has an excuse…she overworks herself, and she had teeth pulled out for a movie, after which she lost a lot of weight.

    @geez – your banner is lovely as well. Would love for you to use that banner. The more I get to look at the picture the better. And thank you for the pimpage, lol.

  7. I really like this Jia Baoyu. He looks like a mix of Ma Tianyu and Chen Kun. All the girls are gorgeous…though I’m still not too fond of Bai Bing. But then, Baochai’s suppose to be older, chubbier and wiser.

  8. The first picture as in the one with the girls, right? I’ll do it!

    (And while they look gorgeous in their clothes, can you say rake thin?)

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