“Chengdu, I Love You” Unveils Its Cast


Gao Yuanyuan and Korean actor Jung Woo-Sung will star in "Chengdu, I Love You" as one of the three main couples.

Chengdu I Love You, the collaboration between a Chinese, Hong Kong and Korean director to show off the city of Chengdu through love stories had a press conference with the three directors and the stars of each segment of the film.

Gao Yuanyuan and Jung Woo-Sung will be the main couple in Korean director, Hur Jinho’s segment. Taiwanese American actress Anya Wu and comedic actor Guo Tao will be under the direction of HK’s Fruit Chan. Finally singer Tan Weiwei and actor Huang Xuan will be the stars of Cui Jian’s segment.

While it was understandable that none of the three directors were from Chengdu, it was rather disappointing to see that none of the principle cast was from Chengdu. The closest is probably Tan Weiwei (Sitar Tan), who is from Sichuan province, and attended Chengdu’s famous Sichuan Conservatory of Music School. It’s ironic that Cui Jian chose her as his lead, when in my previous post on this movie I said he’d probably dislike that school for producing so many of China’s current pop idols. I guess not.

However it worked for Paris, je t’aime, so it may work here. However, Paris is something of an international city, and most people, even those who’ve never been there have an impression of it. Chengdu, while a very modern metropolis is not international, living blissfully in western China, without many people outside of China who know of it, or have any idea of it. It’s essence and appeal can not be understood with superficial introductions, because the heart of Chengdu is the lifestyle there. It is a very liveable place (ranked number one in China as a place to live in), with all the modern conveniences and ambience of a big city, but the laid back lifestyle of someplace smaller, where people will often get together to just play Mahjong and drink tea for a day. And yet the people are still very hard-working, giving a great balance that is so hard to find. Cui Jian seems to understand Chengdu’s attributes very well but I’m not sure the other directors or actors do. Hopefully somehow they can create a great movie together that really does convey “Chengdu”.


Anya Wu and Guo Tao


Tan Weiwei and Huang Xuan


9 thoughts on ““Chengdu, I Love You” Unveils Its Cast

  1. I think this film comes at a right time to promote tourism in Sichuan, helping it recover from the destruction after the quake. Most of the world would hv known Chengdu by now due to extensive media exposure, yet they know so little about it other than quake-related info. So people will be really curious … It’d be really cool to see the world’s response to this film, the city and the lifestyle it represents!

  2. I’ve been to Chengdu a few times because it is one Chinese city that I truly love and will return to repeatedly if only just to escape the harshness of real life.

    I think there are so many aspects to this great city that is worthy of showing to the world at large. To set stories about love, kinship and friendship in Chengdu is the most appropriate as these are values that the Chinese community everywhere holds dear, and Chengdu being at the heart of Chinese culture for thousands of years (more than possibly any other Chinese cities … think of all the great poets who came from here), and her people are still as well-versed in the arts and culture today as they were during the literature era …

    Me, for one, am most definitely looking forward to this film :) I hope the directors bring their film-making expertise to serve up the greatness of this city on the world stage of the international film scene.

  3. Im glad they arent doing Beijing, Shanghai or GuangZhou because alot of people already know about those cities. China should try to promote other cities too.

  4. ah i’m from Chengdu so i’ll be looking forward to this :)

    btw i luv this site so much, since i can’t read chinese well, so it’s like my daily routine to check for updates on this site haha. keep up the good work and thanx so much for doing this

  5. @yelei I used to get annoyed too, but for entertainment I don’t really care, and separate them in my mind as well, because the entertainment scene in HK and mainland have been going on their different paths. They are slowly starting to merge though, with a lot of the Chinese movies out now having a mixed crew, and with most HK director eyeing the mainland movie market.

    @pinky I’m glad that they didn’t pick Beijing, Shanghai or even Guangzhou. Everyone knows those cities. Chengdu is just as awesome, but no one knows about it. If I was a bolder person I’d pack my bags and move there immediately.

    @idarklight Chengdu does have incredible advertisement…all around the city are huge ads with pictures of different outstanding people in their professions that are from Chengdu including Jane Zhang in the singer category. All of the ads say, “Because of you, Chengdu will be better”. It’s a nice touch.
    All the buses have TVs as well. I saw Xue Zhiqian’s Deeply Loved You MV (Modern version) on there once.

  6. well, even mainland actors often gets their voices dubbed.

    I think Chengdu picked the directors, not the other way around. Chengdu seems to be going through major advertisement, with theme songs, movies and ads… Tan Weiwei and Li Yuchun are also going to be in another Sichuan ad/short series/I forgot soon.

    The guy that does the music seems pretty impressive, though. He composed the soundtrack of 2046.

  7. woah, do you have any idea when it’ll be out? It’s cool because NY I Love You is coming out soon, i think, with all these big stars. Pretty exciting :P

    Chengdu! That’s where I was born. It’s strange that they didn’t pick Beijing or Shanghai even with its rep as relaxed city or whatnot; but then again, it’s different that way :)

  8. “Chinese, Hong Kong and Korean director”

    isnt Hong Kong part of China? so why does it have to be Chinese and then ‘Hong Kong’. Sometimes I get so irritated because HK is already part of China, yet people still call HK separately. I know that HK was previously ruled by the British, but still HK should be Chinese now to..

    sorry lol.

    anyways, they just love using Korean cast in Chinese movie/drama. You know what I hate, dubbed voices. They always come out sounding super annoying *O*

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