A-One Films a Tourism Commercial for Beijing


Following the trend of tourism commercials with celebrities, boyband A-One has participated in an ad to promote tourism to Beijing, which will will be shown on CCTV, Phoenix, and Beijing TV.

Also participating in this ad is Jiang Xintian, who became deaf and mute at an early age, and was one of the torch collectors (collected the fire from the relay) for the Paralympics in Beijing. She was chosen for the ad due to her strong, image of perseverance for self-improvement, while the boys were chosen for their happy, dynamic youthful image.



The final ad will only be 15 seconds, but the shoot took two days. The weather was very cold still in Beijing, but everyone had to pretend to be warm and sunny for the shoot. The guys admired Jiang Xintian for not complaining though wearing a skirt and for waiting patiently as a sign language interpreter helped her communicate with the director. All the members were extremely proud to be able to show off Beijing, but Yao Mingjun, who is actually a Beijinger was the most excited, and was unable to sleep the night before the first day.


Outside the National Theater aka The Egg. Beijing now has a Bird’s Nest, Water Cube, the Egg, and The Pants aka the brand-new CCTV tower which caught on fire earlier this year during New Years after some firecrackers went awry. I believe it was karma since CCTV hates all the stars that found fame through Hunan TV/Dragon TV/etc, eliminating most of the youthful entertainers (and some of the best singers) from their stations. A-One thankfully, does’t have to endure that since they are not affiliated with Hunan TV and Dragon TV.


Beginning in April, their new album’s title track “You Teared Up My Heart” will be playing across the nation. It was also mentioned on their blog that they are in preparation for a second album. Either they are super confident about future sucesses, or they are already taking a page out of Jiang Xintian’s book about perseverance.


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  1. A-One has been doing a couple of activities here and there. Mostly they seem to be preparing for their second album so things have been quiet.

    Their first album was only sold in limited form; that’s why there’s not too much on them so far. They seem to be more established as a group now, with five members, so hopefully they will go nationwide with their second album.

  2. Hey cfensi! I absolutely love your site because this is basically my only source for mainland entertainment. Thanks for all your updates!

    I was just wondering if you heard anything new about A-ONE. If you have, it would be awesome if you could update me. I just can’t seem to find anything about their current activities. Thanks so much!

  3. Long Danni hasn’t really wored on any drama projects before. She used to head up Hunan TV’s ETV channel. She took over EE Media last year. EE Media did buy Guo Jingming’s Tiny Times. That would make a great TV series if done right.

    90’s gen. is by Nesound (sp.?), another seed company under Hunan TV. It’s the company that did Ugly Wudi.

  4. Thanks idarklight, esp. for the Hangeng drama warning.
    I like the 18 sui de tian kong, but only watched the first episode so far.
    wo de qing chun shui zuo zhu, not bad.
    I don’t mind tween/pre-teen or any stories as long as the quality is good.

    Besides meteor shower, do u know other Long Danni drama projects? I heard about Hit 5 90’s gen. drama but is that it?

    Famous directors esp. from HK would pick newbie actresses from mainland but they keep using old HK actors, sometimes the age difference is too big.
    I want to see younger actors, I don’t like old man and younger girl love stories *smile*

  5. oh, and I don’t really suggesting watching that Han Geng drama unless you want to look at him. The script was mediocre at best.

    I’m really happy for the director-based box office. It means that directors can use newbies without worrying about money. How else would’ve we gotten Gong Li, Zhang Ziyi and Tang Wei? I almost feel hesitate to see many movies with big name stars because I feel like the directing/plot wasn’t good enough that they had to use star power to draw them in.

    I don’t know what’s with the idol drama industry…it’s like they use the same actors over and over again even when they’re proven to fail…

    but the problem isn’t easily solved. Idol dramas have yet to do well in ratings, and thus receive little budget, which means that they can’t hire many good stylists, cinematographers, writers, directors, actors, etc. That’s why I love Long Danni so much. She’s willing to go out there and try something new and throw lots of money at it.

  6. @kale It’s already out…you can watch it on youtube by searching the Chinese words.

    You should watch “wo de qing chun shui zuo zhu.” (sohu has it pretty fast and in HQ here). It came out last week, and it’s really popular. It stars Wang Ludan, Zhao Lin/Zhao Ziqi, Lu Yi, as well as several new actresses and actors (the third lead girl is 17). It follows the lives of three cousins. Wang Ludan’s story begins with a semi-typical idol drama plot (meets by chance, forced to live together, etc.). Zhao Lin’s is the more common cdrama plotline, about the journey of a young graduate (lawyer) meeting the real world and balancing love, righteousness and work. The other girl is more for a teen-audience, about a rebellious high-student who doesn’t want to live out the expectations of her parents.

    I really like it so far, and it’s interesting how it fits all audiences…plus, it’s CCTV, which means filming is high-qualitied.

    And again, I have to say, I’ve been watching a lot of preteen dramas recently, and they’ve been surprising good. (but then, I’m not the most mature person, so maybe my psychological age is pre-teen?) If you want to try any, there’s “shi ba sui de tian kong” with Jin Sha and a hottie whose name I can’t remember set in high school. There’s also Yang Zi’s “nv sheng ri ji” set in late middle school. Both has a romantic plotline between the teachers and a hint of romance between the lead students. But they have interesting enough plots w/o the romance.

  7. I agree with you all.
    Sometimes I may sounds a bit emotional in this site but I also noticed this recycling actors and actresses in China, HK and Taiwan. I mentioned this issue before lol, I don’t judge solely from frog prince, just gave you the worst example * smile* .I know they just started their idol industry, so I’ll be patient.

    Not that I don’t like historical dramas or serious dramas from mainland, but I wish mainland can produce idol dramas with stellar plot and story line and good actors who can act ( like the example cfensi mentioned, thanks for letting me know)…cause I want to see more contemporary urban lifestyle stories that I can relate to.

    I think, I just want to see a good drama about young people, it doesn’t need to follow idol drama’s surrealistic plot or silly comedy. This is what lacking in the entertainment industry IMO, they only make good dramas/movies for well known actors that are not that young anymore. I’m counting on mainland due to their history on making films or dramas that are more believable and make sense to me.

    I’m waiting for Hangeng first drama with the guy from fivestar hotel (forget his name)…hopefully it will be good. And of course Bobo’s new gig.

  8. I think the main problem of Frog Prince was the plot…it was terrible, with no coherent story line nor realistic emotions. No actors can pull that off…. I don’t remember Jarvis Wu’s acting, so I can’t say…but good-looking guys can pull off popularity without acting skills if they have good actresses and good dramas.

  9. Wu Jianfei is perhaps the worst actor I’ve seen in a Chinese drama and Frog Prince was one of the worst Chinese series I’ve ever watched, so don’t judge by that.

    China has tons, and tons of good, professionally-trained actors that come out of China’s best drama schools looking for jobs. Actually I think their looks hurt them…China goes for realism more often that not sometimes, especially for their big budget pieces and someone who looks so perfect. More often than not the good looking ones get relegated to bit roles even when their acting is good.

    And something else that sucks about the Chinese entertainment industry…they don’t go for newbies. They like to use already famous people who may suck at acting (like Wu Jianfei). HK as well. Tony Leung is good but he’s old and I am really sick of seeing him.

  10. @ cfensi,
    yeah, you’re right, if the cute guy is good in acting, then he should just stick with acting…after watching the frog prince, I really think China needs cute actors who can really act for their idol dramas. Even though I like the boys, they need a lot of improvements with their acting skills esp. Wu Jianfei.

    I just hope China will limit the number of boybands though, I think 3-4 groups are enough…5 maximum. It would be sad if China is known as the world ‘boybands’ factory, it should stick with singer-songwriter style, just like Hu Yanbin, Jackie Xue and the senior singers. My 2 cents.

  11. @windowwatcher: A-one is about far behind popularity-wise to HIT-5, as HIT-5 is to Top Combine. So they still need to gain those fans before they release their album, or at least that’s my reasoning for why they haven’t yet.

    @kale I assume so, but there’s this other guy in KS entertainment who is cute, can dance well, and is an alumni of the Central Academy of Drama, and there were talks of him joining a while back. I don’t know about now. I wouldn’t mind him joining but it just seems wrong with taking a cute guy from the Central Academy of Drama from acting.

  12. Feng Yun Bang is doing ok I guess for a group that has only released one single that was never in stores, and that’s to say that they’re still together and still doing activities. But I don’t think they’re baidu is as active as before (mostly the same people posting), so I’d say they’ve decreased in popularity, which is understandable.

  13. just wondering. i remember how cfensi mentioned that fen yun bang, despite their horrible mv, is doing pretty well in china. how are they doing now.

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