Laure Shang, language genius?

Laure Shang's mouth speaks so many languages fluently that it doubles as her eyes

Laure Shang's mouth speaks so many languages fluently that it doubles as her eyes

Here’s someone for Rain to look up to – Laure Shang.

Shanghai Media Group’s new English channel did a documentary on the competition singers who represent their cities – Laure Shang@Shanghai, Leona Lewis@London and Jennifer Hudson@LA. In it, Laure Shang shows off her perfect English and raises some valid points about the Chinese music industry.

Laure Shang in A tale of 3 cities: Shanghai, London and LA

And this is coming from someone who has never lived in an English-speaking country.  This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, though, since Laure Shang has been one of Shanghai’s top French-Chinese interpreters, and apparently is also fluent(?) in German. Plus, just to major in a foreign language in the prestigious Fudan University (best Chinese university not in Beijing) requires passing special exams to insure exemplanary foreign language abilities. Learn more about Laure Shang here.

singing Comme toi:

Part 2 of the documentary:

8 thoughts on “Laure Shang, language genius?

  1. although I’m not really familiar with her singing- I must say her English is…wow. Rain’s Engrish could take a left out of her book.

  2. hey, thanks for posting the video here. ^_^
    but where is the second part? i remembered laure appearing in the second part also. could u pls add the second part?

    i really adore laure’s voice. she is such a talented singer.

  3. Ahhhh!

    I’m still spazzing about how good her English is. I wish my French was half as good as her English.

    Other than that, Huayi picks very thoughtful and articulate female singers from Super Girls. Both she and Jane seems to have analyzed the music industry very well.

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