Tian Liang to dive into Lei Feng


hotness cannot be covered by sand

Diving is known for producing hot guys, and Tian Liang’s one of the hottest (the Olympic gold medals just add to the package). After leaving the team in 2007, he’s became an actor, starring opposite An Yixuan in Nv Lang Zhi Nv and guest starring in Gillian’s Fantastic Water Babes. His next role, which he wanted to act for free, was Lei Feng, a soldier who has posthumously been molded into a myth of selflessness and kindness by the government. In spite of the petition signed by 70 of Lei Feng’s comrades against him playing the role, Tian Liang looks strikingly similar to the portrait of Lei Feng. An interview with Tian Liang below the cut, translated by dbskholic

Tian Liang in South Africa

Tian Liang in South Africa

South Africa’s tourism office apparently invited some Chinese stars to go over and promote South African tourism. Tian Liang on South Africa and his daughter with Ye Yiqian, 7th place Super Girl in 2005.

As long as there’s water, my heart will be filled with power. South Africa’s road is filled with unknown challenges. Its those challenges that makes the journey exciting…

When my child grows up, I’ll definitely take her to South Africa and tell her how great her father is to do bungee jumping, to touch sharks in the ocean, to hangglide in the forest. She can not know that her father was once a world champion, but I must let her know, she has a brave father.” If there’s enough time, Tian Liang since he’ll live in a place near the water.


what's up with all these shirtless photos? because idarklight's used to seeing him without his shirt.

Tian Liang also talks about his wish for excitement and his experience bungee jumping.

“If everyday was the same, then a person’s views will be very narrow, they’ll care about every little thing, and eventually they’ll become unhappy. If you temporarily leave your current life to see that in this world, there are many other people doing different things, living different lives with different values and attitudes, you’ll see your world in a new light, too.”

I wanted to go again. The second time, under the direction of the bungee teacher, I tried “waist-tied” bungee so I can move more in the air. As long as there’s water on the bottom, I can freely express myself. The second time I truly felt the power of bungee, as if the whole world turned upside down, and I was enjoying my self in the world. It was the best 8 seconds of my trip.

A comparison of dives from the 10m platform by Wang Yuexin, K-One’s Darren and Top Combine’s Liu Zhoucheng, and Yang Jinghui and Tian Liang

Wang Yuexin:

Darren of K-One and Liu Zhoucheng of Top Combine (yes, more hot, shirtless guys)

Yang Jinghui and Tian Liang:

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    Darren and Liu Zhou Cheng are the cutest thing ever! It was super sweet to see the Top Combine and K One members there to support the boys! Darren so funny… and wow, Liu Zhou Cheng just dived in like nothing happen! Thanks!

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    I can’t believe Lei Feng’s “comrades” petitioned against Tian Liang. I guess they have nothing better to do now though.

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