Jane Zhang showcases in Japan


Jane Zhang held her Japan Premier Showcase on March 29th. The arrangements for the songs were energetic and playful, and she pulled them off like a pro. She also performed a Japanese version of “light in darkness”

Her visit to Japan also brought her to the attention of another star who recently visited Japan:

“It’s mad!” Duffy exclaims, “I’ve never heard great singers come from this part of the world. Jane’s gorgeous and she’s got a great voice!”

I have no idea what the first part was suppose to mean, but at least Jane’s loved.

To be loved:


During the interview in Japan, she also commented on her music style:

“Before, I was singing a lot of sad songs, so people think I’m a sad person. I really wanted them to know the real me: I like rock music. In this song I sing with a new producer, Keith, and he’s a rocker…so on this album the fast songs are done in a rock style. I like the guitar parts, I really like that,” she said.

Music lets me say:

As the encore performance, Jane performed something a little more mellow than the rest of the show – Teresa Tang’s Du Shang Xi Lou (going on the Western mansion alone)

sources: Daily Yomiuri, Japan Times

on a sidenote, Wei Chen (or Vision West, according to Derek Elley) ‘s film Shi Qi won best film by a new director at the Tiburon International Film Festival last week.

8 thoughts on “Jane Zhang showcases in Japan

  1. there was, but like google’s CADIE blog (loved the panda theme, btw), it was only viewable on April 1st. Pf course, comparing Meteor Shower to be Musical to CADIE is very far stretched. Oh, well, Panda=Sichuan=Super Family. :b

    I didn’t want anyone to get confused or have people pass it off as real news, so I made the post private this morning.

  2. I forgot the “i.” I have to admit, until I discovered Jane and the Super Family through, ironically, SJM, I’ve always had the impressions that mainland pop singers were bad, so I sort of fell into the category of thinking that so many people couldn’t sing…or, actually, I thought that all the good mainland singers sang folk.

    btw. Thai news reel on Jane Zhang: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqDI0C6T8QU

  3. @idarklight: Did you miss the “i” or is someone pretending to be you? Anyways, I don’t think it was meant to be derogatory. In the Western world, Asian music just isn’t that well-known. We don’t get exposed to it unless we do research on it, and even with research, before you get past the lack-luster singing groups, you can get turned off. Duffy is from the UK, so her inspiration most likely comes from other Western artists. Wyclef Jean has also discovered Asian music, having sung “Ju Hua Tai” with Jay Chou and complimented Jay and LeeHom as musicians. He’s not the only one. With more Western artists discovering Chinese music, one would hope that things will change and Asian music would gain more recognition, but that’s still a big “maybe.”

    To be fair, though, it’s hard to think that an area with so many people would not have good singers, so anyone who hasn’t thought of that possibility should know better, especially after the Olympics last year.

    I must say, I enjoy Jane’s Teresa Teng covers. She has the voice to handle them.

  4. I have the article linked at the bottom. I meant the part about “I’ve never heard great singers come from this part of the world.” That sounded a bit derogatory.

  5. About the Duffy comment: I read on some article (Japantoday) that Duffy was asked about what she thought about Jane’s cover of her Warwick Avenue song which she performed in her Shanghai concert…I think.

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