Cao Fang to release new album “In Summer”

Cao Fang, an indie singer who gained some international recognition when a cute GE commercial used her song, “In Summer”, and was played over and over again in the Olympics, has said she would participate in the Strawberry Music Festival in Beijing, marking one of her first public performances for 2009.

As a female representative of the Chinese indie music scene, she’s already released two albums so far, and on her own label, an EP, “Farther than the Sky”, gaining her the approval of the entire industry and numerous awards, including “Best Singer”, “Best Singer-Songwriter”.

Cao Fang said she is preparing her new album and expects to release it sometime this summer. Compared to her previous work this one has even more breakthroughs, and she hopes that her fans will patiently wait for what she has in store.

Check out “In Summer” in the GE commercial, “Health-care Reimagined”.


Btw I want to note that Cao Fang, while indie, still reps for the other more mainstream girls, notably 2004 Supergirl winner An Youqi (shoutout to idarklight here) whose inability to swim is very endearing. It’s really too bad Chinese variety shows aren’t readily available to the masses, or aren’t subbed. You guys are missing out.

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  1. Tian Tian Xiang Shang doesn’t usually invite celebrities, though.

    A date with Luyu and Backstory are mostly guest-focused.

    Bravely Going Forward/yong wang zhi qian is also good, depending on the host.

    Super Girls/Boys are sort of like Survivor/American Idol mixed together, so they’re always interesting to rewatch.

    Hunan’s still the king, but a few other good ones:
    Music Assembly/ yin yue jie ju hao – hosted by Ma Ke and K-One’s JR, both of whom are pretty entertaining.
    chang xiang zhong guo – this was surprisingly good for the three episodes that I watched (with Zhang Jie, Xue Zhiqian and Li Na/Xu Fei/Ai Mengmeng)

  2. Yes, pretty much all the good ones are on Hunan TV…but my favorite is/was Kuai Le 2008, for a variety of reasons, but it probably helps that they can get a variety of guests on it.

    I’ve watched episodes of that many many times and never got bored. Could be because the episodes I’ve watched were all with Wang Yuexin. :D

  3. @ kale

    there’s Tian Tian Xiang Shang.
    Oh Di is so funny, and Wang Hang is witty-silly.

    A date with Luyu and Backstory can be interesting also, depending on the guest.

    all are on Hunan TV.

    Other then that, I find a lot of others to be quite boring, actually I find a lot of chinese tv to be lacking, they do too many random- killing time-need to be edited out variety shows. Their entertainment seems to never led anywhere, they do random games instead of segments where it’s more informative. IMO, I think that’s why it’s not very popular and don’t get subbed. the boring parts are just too many. kind of lacks any incentive to sub.

  4. cfensi,

    I learned about mainland young singers from Superboys/girls and Hao Nan Er and only know few variety shows like Happy Camp and others from TC youtube channel.

    Other than Happy Camp, can you recommend the top 3 or 5 most watched and popular variety shows to know more about mainland entertainment?


  5. *waves to yelei*

    @julie the fact that An Youqi was surrounded by lots of funny hot guys probably helped in making her endearing. Huang Ming and Wang Yuexin are both hilarious, and there was constant poking fun at her lack of acquatic skills. But it was all in good fun…and the best part was when Yu Haoming took the initiative in taking his “prize”, which was throwing members of the other team aka Wang Yuexin in the water.

    I just like the idea that perhaps these Supergirls and boys who are really talented (especially the boys) can learn from Chinese indie.

  6. it will be awesome if people begin to sub chinese variety show.
    but that takes alot of work..

    i was previously a subber for fansub team.. consumed alot of time but worth awhile.

    cao fang’s songs are really nice.. i like them alot


  7. i totally forgot about that commercial. it used to always be on television. i guess it recently stopped showing

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