Lu Yi and Bao Lei explains true love


One of the most flawless love stories in the entertainment world, translated by the wonderful dbskholic. Thank you so much!

When asked the question of ‘How do you comprehend love?’ Lu Yi thought deeply from a very long time before giving a response of ‘when you miss someone.’ He added to that by saying, ‘when you leave you’ll start to miss her even if it was just for one day, I believe that this is love.’

Having been together for almost a decade, Lu Yi still feels very reluctant when leaving Bao Lei to go to work. He starts that, whenever he leaves Shanghai to go to work, he will start to feel grieved when he check in every time at the airport. Every time he finishes work the first person he will call will be Bao Lei saying, ‘I will come home tomorrow’, and she’ll respond by saying, ‘really? That’s great, I’ve missed you’. He believes that this is true love.


Most of the reasons to why Bao Lei cries are because of separation. One of the most memorable ‘separation’ was when they were in 3rd year of university. Boa Lei was meant to be leaving school for a while to go filming. She went to say good bye to Lu Yi, then they started crying like it was like a life and death farewell. Then they next day Bao Lei made a decision that she won’t go to film anymore. Bao Lei used ‘school won’t let her go’ as an excuse. They pledged that they will never separate. Then by the 2nd year, Lu Yi went to film. Bao Lei said ‘it was due to financial difficulties, so Lu yi has no other choice but to go and earn money’. It was a very difficult time, every time we called eachother I would be crying, I’ve deeply realised the bitterness of lovesickness.


We then asked her ‘if Lu Yi was a poor man, how would you look at you two’s love and life?’ ‘I’ll raise him’ was Bao Lie’s immediate response. ‘I’ve never dreamed that Lu Yi would be a successful person, whether he’s a poor man or today’s Lu Yi, to me it’s all the same’.

‘How would you define love?, What kind of feeling is needed in order for it to be love?’ ‘I believe that whether it’s good or bad, happy or sad you would always want to share it with the other person,’ Bao Lei responded. Then she added ‘It’s when you want to spend the rest of your life with that person.’

source: Hunan TV


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  1. I think it’s recommanded to all of us a love like this… And then you can say your life is complete..

  2. I think they’re so sweet… What an inspirational love story. What a great example for us to follow. Here’s hoping that your love will last even after time dies…

    I’ll even pray for you, Lu Yi and Bao Lei. Support you guys..

  3. they are the only one couple graduated from the same school in the Chinese filming area I think, and they have made a special one and a very romantic love. I hope they are together forever.

  4. i dont like bao lei for some reason and it’s not because of this one article. But they do make such a wonderful couple.

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