Tang Yan to star in Jay’s Panda Men


In one year, Tang Yan shot from the abyss of unknown to having lead roles opposite Jackie Chan, Hu Ge, Aaron Kwok, Ekin Cheng and now Jay Chou.

The newcomer from Chengtian , along with Jessie Chiang,  will be the female lead of “Panda men.” Filming began in Xiamen yesterday in the most covered school of the year – Xiamen University, where Meteor Shower is also filming. The crew will also be filming in Shanghai and Taipei.


A graduate of the Central Drama Academy, Tang Yan was barely known before last year. Despite not having any works coming out last year, she managed to gain much media attention both due to her own beauty and the importance of her new roles.

The first of those roles will be in the movie “Storm Riders 2,” where she’ll be taking over Shu Qi’s character Chu Chu.  In Chinese Paladin, she and Wallace Huo will portray a love of three lifetimes side by side to that of Hu Ge and Yang Mi. “Seeking Jackie Chan” is a children’s comedy sponsored by, surprise, Jackie Chan.

Pretty and poised, could she be 2009’s biggest new actress? Or will it be Zheng Shuang, Meteor Shower‘s lead? ? Or a surprise like 2008’s “Ugly Betty” Lin Xinru?

9 thoughts on “Tang Yan to star in Jay’s Panda Men

  1. Maybe pretty, but not really what I’d call drop-dead gorgeous. I’m not sure.

    There are some “Ci Ling” pictures here:


    It took me a moment to realize that was Jay. I wonder whether Jay is going to wear those goggles. That’d look goofy. I don’t really like the hair, either, or the female lead’s outfit. That skirt with those boots?!

    Jay2U also has some clips of Jay working on the designs for “Pandamen” and Dan Tou and Yuhao getting their heads plastered on the homepage. They look silly when you can’t see their faces. All you can see are straws sticking out! :P

  2. it does look rather weird in those pictures…. maybe she’s suppose to be an ELF?

    Here’s the Chinese Paladin teaser with her in it, she looks really pretty here:

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