BOBO’s future tasting delicious


With the onset of Top Combine, BOBO’s future looked seriously shaky as it began losing ground to Top Combine, who’s Hunan platform and own merits helped them to rise rapidly. Fortunately, as cfensi said earlier here, “Huayi has been slowly developing BOBO’s career in a much admirable fashion.”

Beginning with an endorsement for Pepsi’s Mirinda, a stamp of approval in itself, BOBO’s 2009 includes two movies, one similar to High School Musical and the other a “secret.” A new album (rumored to be with Avex), is also scheduled for June release. My analysis rant about BOBO’s future below the line.

English subbed BOBO by Swingsily. This is a plug-in for a new BOBO youtube channel co-owned by at least five people that’ll be providing you with BOBO in HQ and sometimes with English subs, like in the above video.

One of the biggest problems with competition singers have been that after they are shot to fame, their companies launch a series of money-making schemes, and then the artists burn out. BOBO, fortunately, have not fell into that all-too-common category. The two went through a series of speed-training in Singapore, Japan and Korea in preparation for their first album. After that, they continued to have training in dancing, acting and singing while still promoting.

They also have a great support group. With Huayi, one of the biggest movie and drama makers in China, they’ll have a quality staff making their movies and dramas. The two that they have already worked on have also been filled with experienced actors, directors and scriptwriters that are great to learn from.


Even their advertising has been more high-end than most.  OPPO sponsors Happy Camp, which means that whether Hunan TV wants to or not, BOBO appears during every episode of Happy Camp, the most popular entertainment show in China. Pepsi and Coca-cola have been the height of advertising in Greater China since forever. BOBO will be the first mainland entertainment celebrity to endorse either product after Faye Wong, Huang Xiaoming and He Jie.

Mirinda is a brand of soft drink available in fruit varieties… Mirinda is owned by PepsiCo and is primarily commercialized outside of North America. It competes with Coca-Cola’s Fanta and Cadbury-Schweppes’s Orange Crush brand.

source: wikipedia

Avex, too, would be a great music company. It definitely has the funds and the training, not to mention that it generally makes superior MV’s than Huayi Music. This also means that BOBO’s MV’s might get some Taiwan love like He Jie’s did. However, Avex is also known for abandoning artists under its music label quickly, as was the case with An Youqi and He Jie. Being with them is probably a risk compared to the guaranteed safety of Huayi Music.

To make sure that they don’t flounder, click here to visit the BOBO youtube channel mentioned earlier. And here’s a good A-One youtube channel.

12 thoughts on “BOBO’s future tasting delicious

  1. Hopefully BOBO will stay at the top for a while… I much prefer BOBO, which is truly a Chinese idol group, to Top Combine, which has Chinese members imitating the style of Korean idol groups.

  2. As I was reading about the new drama that BOBO is in, I was thinking about how I liked the fact that Hua Yi has started them off solo in projects for acting, even though together they may generate much greater viewer interest. I think it allows them to grow more as individuals, which I think is important even thought I like seeing them in a group.

  3. Ah, ok. I figured his voice was dubbed… but why? Does he have an accent or something that wasn’t fit for audiences?

    I love it so far though. :D

  4. Speaking of Dreams Link, I’m watching it now. I’m curious, were Zhang Jia Ni and Alex Fong’s voices dubbed?

  5. that’s why despite the fact that My Hero guys are hotter, I’m glad that Hunan TV’s doing F4 instead of Dragon. Dragon dramas are…not the best qualitied.

    Hunan TV has good directors and scriptwriters. Right now, Hunan TV and Huayi are basically the only ones I trust to make good idol dramas (ie. Dreams Link and Love Strategy).

  6. OMG..I spent too much time checking out these young idols incl. Bobo…
    I just watched The Frog Prince, the acting (bit wooden acting esp. Wu JianFei) also need major improvement but the guys are just cute. I wonder if movie directors in China would be interested in helping the idol dramas industry? Or they might hire more tw directors just like f4?

  7. right…I wrote that too. That was written half a year ago, before I figured out that hua nai xiong di and hua yi xiong di aren’t the same thing.

    I’m Veeker is only online…it wasn’t that great.

  8. I checked on wiki and it’s written that their label is Warner..I’m getting Not that this is important for me, but it seems a lot of idol fans like to mention which management company their idols come from ex: avex, disney etc.
    I’m Veeker is only available online, right?..I actually just watched part of it..but Fu Xinbo wasn’t the main lead. I think he needs more training in acting though..but cute as always.

  9. oops, wrong video. I changed it. Thanks for telling me.

    They’re with Huayi the management company, not Huayi Music. I think the problem is right now, mainland idol dramas are so undeveloped that to be in one is almost worse than to not be in one at all. And Huayi’s strong point is movies.

  10. There is no English sub in the video.
    Is that mean they will no longer with Huayi if they sign a new album with Avex?
    From your last Bobo post, seems that they are not interested in acting in idol dramas and after I read cfensi post, they both seems to be more interested in high end production drama/movie rather than being in idol dramas.

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