New Yorkers agree that Ugly Wudi is adorable


Lin Xinru adorable both before and after Ugly Wudi

Good Morning America, along with the random New Yorkers that it surveyed, agrees with Cfensi that Ugly Wudi is not that ugly. Click here to watch the report. Of the various news sources that have picked this story up, this I feel is the only one that shows justice to the story. Every other story makes it seem as if the Chinese hate it, when in fact Ugly Wudi was one of the most popular shows last year. Its product placement ads reached the level of Super Girl ads, and that’s beyond impressive. The third season is currently under production. Of my memory, this is the only thing America has picked up from Chinese pop culture other than Edison Chen, Jane Zhang and the Olympics, and Chris Lee. Interestingly enough, all the mainland news stories are associated with dear Hunan TV.

A personal find that I was quite proud of: A children’s book at a library in the middle of nowhere in America, with a photo of He Jie, Chris Li Yuchun and Jane Zhang:


Which one of those two do not belong? Chris Lee, for staying in EE Media

7 thoughts on “New Yorkers agree that Ugly Wudi is adorable

  1. All the Ugly Betty versions weren’t that ugly lol- all of them were just a little fashionly challenged. If I wore a pair of glassed and braces I think I would have made a better Ugly Wudi, I definately would have been uglier lol.

    The show’s storyline is interesting, even my dad watches it (and he’s the sort of guy who usually only watches those wartime films involving the Japanese. :s)

    • @mrpeng She’s amazing, but she’s definitely far from pretty.

      @kale According to Variety:
      “In the period since it began, “Chou nu wu di” has become the No. 2 fiction program in primetime, according to Televisa.”

      Even online, I don’t really see much resentment against it. But then, I go on Baidu, which is the tamer of the two major online forums.

      @julie Which issue? I only get Newsweek. T_T

  2. I read about Ugly Wudi remake being called shanzhai and Hunan is considered a shanzhai TV channel. From what I read in ch daily, Wudi is leading the list of an online survey for the lousiest native TV shows aired in 2008 and early 2009.

    But I heard the show is actually popular, do you think it’s got a bad internet response because it’s a shanzhai?

    idarklight, I look forward to read your next posts about EE and Huayi, I actually want to know more about mainland entertainment companies.

  3. yea, but she isnt that ugly. shes just plump and in her late 40s?. and plus she is one of my favorite singers. and her clothes are hiphop style. shes cool. shes actually one of those singers that i wouldnt mind representing china. for ex in olympics. i like her style and her confidence and humor. shes one of those funny cool people. i think shes a plus for mainland.

  4. well, she was in line to be Lin Daiyu in the Dream of Red Mansion… and Lin Daiyu is beautiful. She also used to be a professional ethnic dancer, so she had a really nice figure.

    There are plenty of ugly mainlanders, though. Think Han Hong.

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