Zhou Bichang’s back to lead a typhoon

As the 1min30second clip of David Tao wishing her good luck ends, Zhou Bichang official ended her six months of dissapperance as she joins Gold Typhoon. Gold Typhoon,a merger between Taiwan-based EMI, Hong Kong-based company Gold Label and mainland-based Typhoon, plans to launch Bibi into both Hong Kong and Taiwanese markets, which it probably can do considering the successes of her previous albums in Taiwan without any advertising and the fact that it was the company behind Anson Hu’s concert in Taiwan.

Many say that her joining Gold Typhoon was inevitable. With A-Mei, Elva Hsiao, David Tao, Show Luo and Lollipop in Taiwan, Stephy Tang, Teresa Fu, Leo Ku, Alex Fong and Ronald Cheng in Hong Kong, and the Flowers, Hu Ge, Anson Hu and Xu Wei in mainland, all Gold Typhoon needed was a female vocalist from mainland. And who better than the talented and popular Bibi?

A look at how Bibi has grown over the past four years through her meetings with David Tao:

2005: meeting David Tao for the first time at a fanmeeting

2005/6:  now a star in her own right, Bibi performs with David Tao at the new year concert

2007:  with a new company, Bibi sings a song that David Tao wrote for her

2008: watching his concert

2009: her first song from Gold Typhoon, David Tao’s company
A half-sung song, a dream to fulfill

9 thoughts on “Zhou Bichang’s back to lead a typhoon

  1. I only discovered Bibi Zhou about a year ago, but now I’ve heard nearly all her albums and other miscellaneous songs. She is quite simply, in my listening, the best vocalist I have ever heard whether Western or Chinese (I’ve listened to about 1000 artists). Her vocal abilities are astounding as far as how many styles she can cover from R&B to rock to soft ballad to power ballad to Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese Chinese, English. I have never heard any artist even attempt this many genres, but Bibi is amazing in each of them… only Jay Chou has anywhere near this many genres, but he’s known more for his composing than for his vocals. Bibi is truly a generational talent.

  2. She has a beautiful voice and I love her confidence when singing. I knew her from her voice and now love her for what she is – genuine, unpretentious, sweet and cute.

  3. I just finished listened to all the songs. I gotta say I was impressed at the first video. Her voice sounds good. I like to listen to her voice

  4. Wow, that’s a pretty stout list there. Gotta check her out. The only female mainland vocalist I’m vaguely familiar with is Jane Zhang, but BiBi seems like someone I should pay more attention to.

  5. I just finished listened to all the songs. I gotta say I was impressed at the first video. Her voice sounds good. I like to listen to her voice haha. I like the song that was written by David.

    Hmm gotta look up her more XDDDD

  6. I like bi zhou. she is unique. but there are too many mainland popgirls that have the same uniqueness. as in they all have short hair and they have deep voices and they look like guys/tomgirls.

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