If they were Daomingsi/Domyouji

BOBO obviously didn't care for a role in Meteor Garden

Despite the influx of fans spamming various forums on Baidu to argue that the “Four Hotties” of My Hero should’ve starred as F4 in a mainland remake of Meteor Garden, the top five of My Hero obviously didn’t care for a role in Meteor Garden.

When asked what they thought of Daoming Si, only Kimi replied positively, saying that he was loyal to his friends. Jing Boran replied “an useless person” and Fu Xinbo said “a bit unintelligent”. If they were Daomingsi, the first thing that both Kimi Qiao and Jing Boran would do is to get a new haircut; Fu Xinbo would start being responsible to his career as well as love; Li Yifeng would become a police officer.

Of course, there are things to be admired about Daoming Si –  Kimi and Li Yifeng liked his “simple thoughts and determination,” Jing Boran the fact that he “did what he wanted,” and Fu Xinbo and Li Yifeng his “true love for Shancai/Makino.” Fu Xinbo also believes that if his mom ever opposed his girlfriend, he would go with Jay’s advice – “Listen to Mama’s words.”

fanmade MV of the “Four Hotties” – BOBO, Kimi Qiao and Li Yifeng as F4:

Another fanmade MV, less comical but hotter, with Kimi Qiao, Fu Xinbo, Zhang Chao and Wu Diwen:

10 thoughts on “If they were Daomingsi/Domyouji

  1. idarklight, thanks for the vid…I really enjoy it, it was pretty good choice except Kimi ( I would replace him with Boran).Zhang Chao can be popular to non-chinese fans cause his look is exotic…he needs to act in idol dramas.

    Don’t you think Huayi do a better job in promoting young singers than EE?
    If you look at Jane Zhang, Bobo..they seem to be extremely successful in China..and I think Cong Haonan has a lot of potential. They keep the chinese style, unlike TC bands or other collaboration projects from EE/Hunan.
    Besides, Yu Quan is with Huayi, I think it will suit Chusheng style better.

    Who is Ji Jie?

    • @Kale Ji Jie won 5th place at Super Boys 2007.

      Watch him singing with Wei Chen here:

      I don’t think Huayi will take Chen Chusheng anymore. He’s sort of a hot potato right now. I think Huayi is more stable, EE Media is rather inconsistent. I’m going to talk more about them in two upcoming posts.

  2. @julie Most people believe that HY was the one who sponsored Chen Chusheng’s leaving EE Media. His lawyer is that of Laure Shang, who left EE Media for Huayi. Last week, the court hearing began. Ji Jie also wrote a blog accusing the lawyer of making false accusations at EE Media.

  3. @julie That’s likely as soon as Chen Chusheng goes back to EE Media. EE Media pretty much hates Huayi right now because of Chen Chusheng.

    @Kale I found Zhang Chao’s interview also and added it along with a really nice fanmade MV with Kimi Qiao, Fu Xinbo, Zhang Chao, and Wu Diwen as F4:

  4. Well, Ma Tianyu is doing quite well. He’s planning to star in a remake of the Dream of the Red Mansion, but less formal and more idol-ish.

    Minus those five and Zhaxi Dunzhu, everyone else is on a My Hero concert tour right now. Dragon TV’s also planning for a season two of The Prince of Tennis.

  5. what happen to all the other my hero boys beside these four (like Zhang Cao)? what are they doing now?

  6. I like Bobo and Li Yifeng, but why Kimi? I would replace him with Zhang Cao!
    He sings ok , got an appeal but I don’t find him cute ( no offense ) to be in F4.

  7. haha. My friend sent me this link. And wow XD I wouldn’t mind these guy in F4 either HAHA. they are all really good looking guys ^-^ Though for some reason i like Xin Bo as Rui, most because he just make me think he is RUi in 0:54 HAHA And he kinda reminds me of Danson when he get introduced as Ah Si.
    BoRan looks nice as Rui too though when he get introduced o: piano <3

    But I like the current ones too haha. Wei Chen ! <3 XD

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