Hunan TV’s new program showcases new artists


Who cares if we get eliminated every round? We

One of the biggest criticism of Super Girls was that it lets out singers with little or no training and shoots them to fame. Hunan TV’s new program aims to change that. “jie jie gao sheng/mix-box,” a spin off of the word “going up a step everytime,”is a competition between (somewhat) new artists from different recording companies every week. The show will serve as a platform for companies to showcase its already trained artists.

Jiayou! Little Caterpillar by Japanese-Chinese group Caffe In

Furthermore, instead of the people competing, it’ll be their songs. Each episode, the best performances will be chosen to be a part of the “music chart.” Those eliminated will have another chance two weeks later. The show plans for four seasons this year, with the song being on the top of the chart the most being the yearly champion.

Xiaowen’s “Is Love lonelier than not to ove?”

The first season’s competitors include Olemuzik’s Butterfly, Taihe Rye’s Long Kuan, EQ’s Xiaowen, and six others. So far, the judges have been Xiaoke and Zhang Yadong. The top winners so far have been Caffe In’s Jiayou! Caterpiller, Long Kuan’s The Queen of Lohas and Xiaowen’s “Is Love lonelier than not to love?”

14 thoughts on “Hunan TV’s new program showcases new artists

  1. Ohh~ I like both songs.. The first song is really catchy and kinda remind me of anime songs, but still nice :D
    The second one is nice too. I like ballads XD

    But I think if i really have to chose, I prob might choose Caffe In haha. It’s so catchy lol xD

  2. Language is a big barrier in movies.
    Music is universal-regardless of language:) that’s why it works.
    Must look into this show.

  3. I support this program…good idea! Can someone upload the program on youtube?

    I don’t know if the collaboration projects in music industry will get a better result than in movie industry. The collab movies with each actor speaking their own dialect or language was not a good idea IMO. But in the case of Da Mouth or Caffe In, it works better cause they pick 1 language to use in a song.

  4. Both songs sound so different. I like BOTH for their differences. love the guitar and beats of Caffee In. It’s got a jpop feel to it lol (I love it when nations collab)
    the Xiaowen song is beautiful! there’s a familiar feel to it, esp the chorus- feels like I have heard it before. I’m really amazed by the calibre shown in the show so far :)

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