Nicholas Tse and Han Hong showing their love

East/Dragon TV held its annual charitable celebrities awards last week. A lot of times, celebrities do it for show, but here are two that I thought deserved special mentioning.

Since 10 years ago, Nicholas Tse has been taking care of about 50 kids in Sichuan anonymously. This fact was brought to light only after the Sichuan Earthquake hit and he wanted to find them.

I always felt that children are our future. 8 or 10 years ago, I learned about these kids and decided to help them. From 5, to 10, to 15, to now 50. THe happiest thing for me now is when I”m at work, and I’m hurt and want to quit, I’ll look at their letters, the fans they made for me. I’ll tell myself, “You can’t be tired. There are 50 families depending on you for a meal. This award reminds me, you’re lucky. You’re like them, with yellow skin and black eyes, why should you live better than them? So, I won’t give up.” To the children, he said,” Uncle won’t be tired, won’t be hurt, and you guys must never give up!”

A Sichuanese herself, Han Hong is the celebrity who’s visited the areas inflicted by the earthquake the most . Even the seemingly-strong woman like her broke to tears everytime she visited. Han Hong, despite her less-than-perfect looks, is one of the people that is close to perfection. Not only is her voice is indisputably beautiful, but she also has a heart to match it.

A song she wrote for a child who lost his parents in a train wreck

5 thoughts on “Nicholas Tse and Han Hong showing their love

  1. Nicholas Tse really impresses me. Before the epic scandal of fail, I thought he was just one big playboy loser, but then after the scandal, and him standing by Cecilia and all these gentlemen articles popping up made me give him a second chance, lol.

  2. They’ve told me the smell of dead bodies was there for weeks. They did a great job with rebuilding, but there were just too many who died. *sigh* I’m glad that there were so many celebrities who reached out to the area. I think everyone really had it in their hearts to help, not for fame or publicity but because it was the best of humanity being brought out.

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