Chen Kun is still smoking hot; Vicki Zhao turns into Egyptian Queen


Who says the dark eyeliners of Egyptian Queens can only attract Rome’s Emperor Caesar? Why say the glorious Tang dynasty’s hair buns cannot show the modern feels? Dark eyeliners can be cute, and traditional buns can be fashionable.
Six different styles, six different Zhao Wei’s, six different types of beauty.

source: Hunan TV



Sorry for the lack of “real” posts recently. I’ve been sleeping an average of five hours a day, and I need ten to be fully awake. I should be able to think clearly next week.

16 thoughts on “Chen Kun is still smoking hot; Vicki Zhao turns into Egyptian Queen

  1. LOL, this made me laugh. I doubt it’s even true. Even if it was true, it would be all over the news by now.

  2. ^Song Zhude is known throughout China as an attention seeking rumor-starter. No one really does anything about him, but no one believes him.

    It’s ridiculous how many celebrities he attacks and spins stories on – even celebrities that have passed away. I’m not sure why no one has done anything about him, but eh – China’s internet has all sorts of people.

    But um…thanks for dropping by?

  3. ck is a sick MF! Literally !!!

  4. @ clu;
    lol..thanks for the correction, Painted Veil is a different movie, gosh.
    I don’t know why and how that debate started but I also heard similar debate about Ma Tianyu.
    I guess Chen Kun looks like Chang Kuo Yung ( did I write the right pinyin here?)
    and CKY was gay. Well you know how girls are ( incl. me), we kinda want all good looking guys to be straight..but of course it doesn’t matter if he is not.

  5. kale Says: Yeah, Zhao Wei and Chen Kun just did painted skin. I heard they had good feedback regarding their collaboration in painted skin…so I guess because of their popularity, they are pairing them up again. i like them so i am looking forward to Mulan.

  6. There seems to be many debate about his sexual preference. I wonder why? Doesn’t matter whether he prefers man or woman. He still a great actor and seems to have a good heart.

  7. I read that he adopted a son, not a daughter. I believe the kid’s parents abandon him and Chen Kun took him in.

  8. They did painted skin together. Chen Kun actually recommended Zhao Wei to the producer. The two of them and Huang Xiaoming were known as the “Three Musketeers” back in college. And the director, Jingle Ma, is from Hong Kong. As is the director that did Painted Skin.

    But I do agree with the new actor part. That’s why I like Hunan so much. It’s one of the few that actively look for new talent rather than try to make something out of old ones. Stephen Chow also does a great job of finding new talents.

  9. so the daughter thing is a rumor too? may be i misinterpreted his interview..but it was old, kinda 2 years ago I guess.
    We all hope he’s straight..btw, why China doesn’t run a Chen Kun look alike contest and export those guys to North America? lol

    I just saw a promo for a new Mulan movie, it seems they also did Painted Veil together last year. Don’t you guys think mainland movie producers always use the same actors, Chen Kun, Zhao Wei, Zhou Xun, HXM, Fan BB, Li BB..?.I think they need to promote more new actors.

  10. i always loved chen kun !!!! hes a wonderful actor. the daughter thing is a shock … is it true, i’ll try to look into dat.
    thanks so much for the translations!!!

  11. I just love him…but I heard he prefers men, anyone can verify if the rumor is true?
    I believe I saw an interview and he said he actually had a daughter.

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