A-One gets teared up


As their MV, “You teared up my heart,” just came out, A-One, too gets teared up as two of its members, the “twin dragons” Ai Junlong and Li Tianlong left the group for unknown reasons.  The two announced their departure through their respective blogs, but did not specify why. A-One’s debut album, however, is still on schedule.

You teared up my heart MV:

And finally, A-One on Happy Camp; the cowsuit Michael Jackson is classic:

You teared up my heart live:

32 thoughts on “A-One gets teared up

  1. Some people use a proxy to get around it, since it is only sometimes. They do it to confuse you, or at least that’s what people there think, LOL! Sometimes, YouTube is blocked, sometimes not. It varies constantly. It’s very inconsistent. I don’t get it.

  2. Apparently wordpress is only sometimes blocked!

    Btw, this is really me….not one of those random people who uses the name cfensi to post.

  3. @Tracy so that’s it! I kept thinking it sounded weird…but I couldn’t think of a better way to put it since I was half asleep for the past week…

    @Julie There’s Butterfly…and Reborn, but they haven’t really done much and they can’t really sing. I was sort of counting on them being Meteor Shower since they’re so pretty.

    And if Hunan gets the go ahead on Super Girls this year, they’ll probably form a girlband.

    Reborn’s mv:

  4. ya…too many 5 member boybands…
    do you think there’ll ever be a girlband? (i know there’s already butterfly)

  5. aw thats sad :( and they just formed too.
    but “you teared up my heart” ?? why not “you tore up my heart”..they have interesting names, haha

  6. … wow. A-one has already been on many shows. they have composed and performed so many songs. they have gained and lost members. now they came out with an mv. it doesnt make sense why they still wont debut. its kind of annoying. but whenever they do debut, i hope A-one is going to have more than 5 members. i prefer 7-9. top combine and hit-5 both have 5 members. i dont think china needs another really talented 5 member band.

  7. I don’t think A-One has an official debut date… I don’t really know how they’re working this out.
    Cfensi should be back in about a month.

  8. Does this mean a-one officially deduted? are there going to be more members or is this it? and is cfensi still in china or has she stopped blogging on this site? sorry for asking so many questions.

  9. Okay, wait boo, I just read your post. Two of them left? Is A-One rotational or something?? Like they had that 3+1-5 or whatever thing going on.

    Anyways, I loved the mv, soooo nerdy!! and the dance— lololol, also the end ha ha

  10. OMG!!!!!!!! *Screams* Okay, I haven’t posted on you site in ages *fail* however, I’ve been listening to A-One so much lately and this is absoutely my favorite song off their album. I’M SO GLAD THERE’S AN MV!!!!!!! Thank you, Thank you for sharing <3<3

  11. nope. They’re two of the “X” members. I only remember Ke Feng and Liu Miaomiao (the two guys in the front row of the picture).

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