A-One gets teared up


As their MV, “You teared up my heart,” just came out, A-One, too gets teared up as two of its members, the “twin dragons” Ai Junlong and Li Tianlong left the group for unknown reasons.  The two announced their departure through their respective blogs, but did not specify why. A-One’s debut album, however, is still on schedule.

You teared up my heart MV:

And finally, A-One on Happy Camp; the cowsuit Michael Jackson is classic:

You teared up my heart live:

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  1. No, it’s part of their first album (which was only sold in limited form, and only in Beijing). Their second album will be released probably towards the end of the year.

    • It basically says that there were 10 trainees and those 5 were chosen as the permanent members. Does that mean 3+x has became 3+2? It’s a little ambiguous. The group’s goal is to become the first Chinese boyband that never lipsynches.

  2. SARFT is one agency, but I’m sure it has people everywhere. It’s like the FDA.

    Baby Zhang? I don’t think so. The only semi-sex scandal of Super Girl was when Ye Yiqian was wearing her pajamas in the hotel hallways, but she’s married now and not in the entertainment business any more.

    Chinese companies tend to be more lenient to their artists in general. There have been cases of actresses being accused of sleeping with people to get roles, but those are generally done willingly by the actresses.

    I don’t think the problem’s as big in the music industry, especially since most of them are already famous when they enter, which gives them considerable bargaining power.

  3. Are they located in Beijing or each region/province got its own SARFT?

    Sorry this is off topic, but I read a k-star suicide recently and apparently she was beaten and r–ed by her manager and this kind of problems happen a lot in Asian entertainment industry, is it current in mainland?
    Was the first Super Girl also suffer some kind of sex scandal?

  4. The State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television (SARFT; Chinese: 国家广播电影电视总局; pinyin: Guójiā Guǎngbō Diànyǐng Diànshì Zǒngjú) is an executive branch under the State Council of the People’s Republic of China. Its main task is the administration and supervision of state-owned enterprises engaged in the television, radio, and film industries. – wikipedia

    It’s in charge of approving all TV shows, movies, radio programs, etc. in China.

  5. I know to get a proxy from China, which won’t help you at all, LOL, but it helps anyone who is in the US who wants to use Baidu MP3. Try looking at the add-ons for Firefox if you have that, since they have the China one. They might have one that automatically gets you an IP from *outside* of China.

    Ask an ex-pat from CMB about it. ;)

  6. People in China could care less about anything that gets blocked, bc there is a Chinese equivalent for all of them, so idgi, but China has never been very good with that kind of logic. Just look at SARFT.

    Btw…will be gone a couple of days. Just a heads up if you don’t hear from me. Good job with the site! It looks nice!

  7. woah…cfensi and swing! So is this unblock semi-permanent, hopefully?

    There’s really no need for wikipedia or youtube in China, though. Everyone goes on baidu or tudou anyways.

  8. Yeah, apparently no one in China cares about proxy except the expats, whom I don’t know, so no one is available to tell me how to set that up. Everyone just loves QQ. They ALWAYS go on QQ during work. It’s like facebook, but kind of better.

    Not that I would have updated or anything if I actually knew how to set up a proxy. I’m seriously behind on Chinese entertainment bc I’m so busy in China . Everything I know comes from idarklight, and bless her for taking on updating this blog.

    Youtube has never been blocked here since I’ve been here, nor wikipedia.

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