Can you solve these two mysteries?

Huayi Music has announced that it would sign a new male artist who is an already famous competition(?) winner. This time, they decided to show off his voice before revealing his name. The choices given in the official guessing game are Shin, Jam Hsiao, Yoga Lin and Aska Yang.  From the choices given, Shin and Aska Yang are more likely since Shin has worked with BOBO before and Aska Yang has been trying to leave his old company. Of the four, it also sounds most like Aska Yang. But on second thought, it sounds like Allen Su without his signature style.

Can you guess who’s the lucky man to join Jane Zhang and Laure Shang’s company?

Meanwhile, Bibi Zhou Bichang plays a game of guessing with her fans with the release of her self-directed self clip. After half a year of being “frozen” by her previous company, Bibi is set to make a comeback by signing with Typhoon group, the biggest Chinese recording company that has includes Stephy Tang, Leo Ku, Anson Hu, Show Luo, A-Mei,the  Flowers, Lollipop, Hu Ge Xu Wei and David Tao.

Where is she hiding?
Which foot is hers?
Where is she standing?
Which bottle does she pick?


source: Baidu Ent and Baidu Baike

11 thoughts on “Can you solve these two mysteries?

  1. It doesn’t sound like a single one of the four… Plus all four are too big for this kind of promotion right? Their voices are already too recognizable. (Honestly, if Huayi signs Shin, they’d be sure to flaunt his name everywhere.)

    But it’s a pretty good promotion because it forces people to put this voice on the same level and compare it to these other great voices.

    A comment on the youtube page says it’s Cong Haonan (丛浩楠).
    Sounds right:

  2. On a second thought..after I listened again and compared this song with 1 Aska’s song, I would say that Aska got a slightly huskier voice than the singer on the vid, but if I had to choose among the 4 singers suggested, Aska got my vote.
    So, idarklight can be’s probably non of the suggested singers.

    I don’t think it’s Chen Chusheng though, this ballad song is not his style and his voice sounds different..but I miss him too.

  3. maybe it is chen chu sheng? i really miss him! i hope he can resolve the contract issue with ee media and sign with Huayi

  4. Huayi already has a bunch of Taiwanese artists – Ady An, Alec Su, Vivian Hsu,

    I don’t think it’s Aska, though…I heard it’s someone from one of Jiangsu TV’s competitions.

    Typhoon is a merger between a Taiwanese company (EMI), a HK company(Gold Label) and a mainland company (Typhoon), so its artists operate in all three areas. It’s possible to have two management companies for promotion in different regions, but I don’t think it’s common. Anson Hu’s promotion in Taiwan was managed by Typhoon.

  5. could be Aska..

    Btw, can anyone tell me how it works with recording company in China and greater China region? Let say if Anson is part of Typhoon (Gold Label) China, does it mean that he can sign with another company in HK or Taiwan to promote his career over there?
    So if Aska ( or any of the 4 singers) who is Taiwanese sign with Huayi in China, will Huayi promote him in TW and HK as well? I don’t know if Huayi got subsidiaries or representatives in TW and HK.

    IMO, even though Mainland singers can be promoted in TW now, it is still unfair that for so many years, TW singers have enjoyed the huge Chinese market but Mainland singers were not even allowed in TW, not to mention the minuscule TW market.

  6. Aska is having major problems with his manager…the last I heard, he was in a lawsuit trying to get out of his company/manager.

  7. jam hsiao and aska yang are from the same company – Warner, is jam hsiao treated much better than aska? b/c there seem to be a lot more promotional activities for jam (at least in mainland) than for aska…

  8. Julie: Shin used to be the lead singer for Shin Band, but he went solo. I have one of their albums. “离歌” is the song in the video, but I don’t think it’s Shin singing it. (It also doesn’t sound like Jam to me, either. Not his style and I think he’s happy with his company. He gets along well with Khalil.) Some of Shin’s other songs are “One Night in 北京,” “千年之恋” (duet with Dai Ai Ling, with lyrics by Vincent Fang), and “告别的时代.”

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