Faye Wong and Chris Li Yuchun releases new music


How do Faye Wong, an undisputed diva of Asia, and Chris Li Yuchun, the controversial and popular “Asia’s Hero” relate to each other?

In a recent TV show, Zhang Yadong, one of the most distinguished music producers in China, and the man most associated with both’s music,  made the following comment comparing the two artists:

Those singers that everyone thinks is great, I really don’t see how great they are. Artists need their own style. Chris Li Yuchun is very similar to Faye Wong in many ways, especially in their unique musical personalities.

Zhang Yadong released the  first Chinese album that features a producer rather than a singer last month.  In the album, released on the internet only and titled “Ni Liu/flowing backwards,” Faye Wong sings song “I love you,” the theme song of a movie of the same name.  This is her first new song in over five years.

I love you – Faye Wong

Meanwhile, Li Yuchun is busy preparing for her yearly “Why Me” birthday concert. Teamed with designer Bryan Bradley ( designer of one of Michelle Obama’s inauguration gowns), the catchy theme song “Why Me” and  choreographer Lan Bo,  the most famous pop choreographer in Taiwan, this year’s “Why Me” will be one of the most expensive mainland concerts ever.

Why her? Cause she’s Chris Lee.

sources: Sohu, Sohu and iFensi

21 thoughts on “Faye Wong and Chris Li Yuchun releases new music

  1. Why Chris lee??? I guess the answers to this question could only be answer by her fans; the YUMI… Individual YUMIs love her for different reasons… some may love her for her personality, some may love her for her distinctive voices, her stage performance, some may love her for her looks and style. And most of all some may even tell you that you don’t need a reason to love her “ 喜欢就是喜欢,没有为什.”

    After 2.5 years of liking her, I still failed to find the major reason why I like her. Maybe it’s just simply that I like everything about her …. And the “likeness” towards her is a gradual kind of thing and its degree increases each time.

    No doubt there are millions singers who has got the skill and professionalism in terms of singing but that doesn’t imply that Chun’s capability is anyway lower than theirs. I love singer like 张惠妹, 王非 and even 张靓颖whom I personally think that they possess great and talent in their singing in terms of vocal. But liking such people with great vocals doesn’t mean I dislike people with average vocal.

    I believe anyone can’t deny the fact that Chun compensates her low vocal with her hard work, impressive stage performance and sincerity. There must be something that she possesses that makes people to love her day by day. I would call that thing a “X” factor. And after all it is not your aptitude, but your attitude, that determines your altitude; this is extremely applicable for Chun.

  2. i am a chris lee fan. i like her in 2008. because of one song, that is [floating subway train], her voice capture me cos it feel so calm and soothing to hear that clean voice. because of that song i search her and found her in the mission work for 512 china earthquake. seeing more and more of her in charity world and her effort in being ordinary simple and doing her part for community touches me. i like this kind of attitude and personality. anyone that works together with her MUST admit that she is so ever hardworking, humble and determine. For me, to like a person we must see her value, if there is no value in a person, there will NOT be thousand and million of fans out there supporting her all the way!
    Please take time to know a person more before we critic as we never know what that person’s journey have been like…..
    for us, the chris lee fans, we are not just running around going crazy over chris but we are a bunch of fans that care for people around us and we are courage and will act to make a better place.

  3. I find your discussion about Chris Lee interesting. I won’t labelled myself as a die hard fan, but I admit that the Chris Lee-factor is slowly eating up my nerves.
    I did not like her at first sight. I was curious to find out her popularity in Mainland (I did not feel she deserved winning the SuperGirl title). I watched her interviews, her stage performances etc. She exudes such innocent, humble, genuine and charming personality that makes lay people like us easily relate to her. Yes, she doesn’t have powerful vocals but her ability to connect with people makes her a true Idol.
    Now I understand why she has such huge followers, mind you, they are truly loyal to her.
    Her vocal abilities has improved tremendously. I was totally impressed with her voice from Youth of China album. It was so strickingly different from her 1st and 2nd album. She has grown so much that people who used to slam bad remarks on her are starting to realised that she is a force to be reckoned with. All i can say is, we are going to get more from Chris from now on. I salute her determination and hard work to prove that she belongs to the SUPERSTAR stage.
    So, WhyME? Cos she is Chris Lee. For those who are touched by her, there are millions of reasons why they adore her. And for those who are not, there are only ONE reason why they dislike her ie Why Chris? She is just not my cup of tea.

  4. :3 I was going to say (before I read the comments) that I just watched that performance, my first ever song from her I listened full-length (and don’t try to get me into her other songs, because I won’t, ;P) but I don’t find her appeal either. I don’t know much about her admittedly, but I don’t know why she’s so popular. What suitable song name, lmao.

  5. Thanks guys for your explanations. I hope I didn’t sound like I was bashing, it’s just that I felt her popularity was blown extremely out of proportion, and no I don’t think all mainland girls are like that haha. (I’m a mainlander myself) But I do admit she is one of the most humble genuine artists out there. Aside from “Why me?” (music is subjective) her other songs do sound quite good.

  6. Zhang Yadong is definitely charismatic. What can I say? Talent draws people in.

    Of the young artists, Zhang Yadong has mainly worked with Chris Lee and Jane Zhang. He’s also been working on Chen Chusheng’s album before…well…CCS stopped working. He also does a few random songs , like Boy&Girl’s Fantasy Romance.

  7. Yeah..that’s what my fried said, most Chinese girls are still girly but in Time Asia magazine with Chris on the cover, the article gave the impression that young Chinese loves tomboy/androgyne look in a girl….well western media as usual.

    Talking about Zhang Yadong, boy..he got in relationships with so many women and cheated them all (well not with the latest..so far). I wish he could work with more young Chinese singers (idols) to get a more mainland music style into their songs, real Beijing style. I love Pushu, Xu Wei & Faye styles.
    I really think that most young Chinese singers got similar style as TW singers…and the boybands got k or jp influence….hope they can be more originals.

  8. Hunan is very good at promotions, but you don’t get Zhang Yadong to work with you because of your company. Chris Lee really is one of a kind. Her success definitely has as much to do with her as an individual as anything else. She’s one of them most humble and professional artists I know. I mean, there are tomboys like Ella or Jade Liu, but then there’s Chris. She’s very low-key and doesn’t flaunt her tomboyish, yet very dynamic on stage.

    I’m also semi-worried that people think that all mainland girls/all Super Girls look like Chris….not that she’s bad-looking, but she’s not the typical Chinese female celeb.

  9. @ml
    According to my Chinese friend, Chris got famous because she got heavily promoted by EE & Hunan TV. Chris stands out among female Chinese singers due to her androgyne look and she is taller than Bibi.

    My friend is actually concerned with the view from people outside mainland that all Chinese girls look like Chris.

  10. I would consider Chris Lee to be at the most sixth in terms of singing power. There’s no way you can argue that she can sing better than Jane Zhang, He Jie, Bibi and Ji Minjia. And the chubby girl whose name I can’t remember had a really powerful voice, too.

    Chris Lee has really good composers. I think she has even better composers than Jane Zhang(minus the theme songs). Why Me, Ice Chrysanthem, Same as you, Floating Subway, N+1, I’m your XX, Bad Student,, Stop, TMD I love you, Hua Rong Shou, My Kingdom, Li Hua Xiang, are all really good. Her albums are probably some of the most high qualitied ones coming from mainland pop artists.

  11. I love Faye Wong . But when I watched the final episode of supergirls I thought Chris Lee should have come third in terms of singing ability and stage presence. But maybe because I’ve lived overseas too long so I’m no longer able to comprehend the level of quality chinese judge their singers.

    @ml ^ I am another person who would like an explanation. (Suits up in fireproof gear to prevent getting flamed from her fans)

  12. @idarklight “She sings better than the majority of boyband members from any country” ? But she’s a girl!

    I find her singing to be acceptable (Jane Zhang bias though) but I never understood the image she portrays. It seems China has a weird thing with girls being tomboys. That’s all fine and well but I think it’s geting out of hand. Some of her antics have me seriously question her orientation or gender for that matter. Someone better needs to write/ compose her songs because although fahrenheit and rainie yang “can’t sing” their songs are nice enough to still be liked.

    The main point however- Why? Why Chris Lee? Could any fans out there explain in depth because I feel like I’ve missed out on something. Because I find her extremely overrated.

    • Ok, let me tell you why you find her overrated… that’s because she IS overrated.

      The post-90’s Chinese teens from mainland China don’t seem to comprehend what good music is anymore. They don’t know what high-quality androgeny is supposed to look like, either! lol…

      Li Yuchun can’t sing, can’t dance and I don’t find her cute, unique, charming nor charismatic or whatever else the average Chinese claims, not by a long shot. She looks awkward as hell both on stage and in her music videos. There is also no timbre, no range, no air support, no techniques and absolutely zero emotions in her voice, not to mention her body is as stiff as a board. I think it’s freakin’ nuts how she managed to sell herself off as a singer when she barely knows how to sing.

      The Chinese people might well be clinically insane when it comes to music appreciation, it’s my best conclusion to this whole Li Yuchun fiasco.

  13. I really don’t think it’s fair to say she can’t sing well. Perhaps in a world of Jane Zhang’s, but not here. In today’s entertainment world dominated with people like Fahrenheit and Rainie Yang, her singing is like heaven.

    I don’t really understand her huge popularity, neither. Even her signatue “Why Me” concert reflects this. Why her? How did she, a normal music student, become such an iconoclast symbol? I like her and I can definitely see her attraction, but it’s quite extraodinary how much of a cult personality she has. The rarest thing is that you see all these people, from six-year-olds to teenagers to working parents to old grandparents just being extremely dedicated to her. It’s really unique and hard to grasp. On the other hand, while I think it’s pretty much obvious I’m a big BOBO fan, but if you ask me to rate who would be a better idol, I would say Chris hands down. She sings better than the majority of boyband members from any country. She puts way more emotion into her singing than most of them, and she has a really admirable personality.

  14. @Marie: I think that’s the point, since she doesn’t fit in this category at all. I don’t really get it, either. She has crazy fans, though, so you might want to keep it to yourself if you don’t like her in order to prevent getting flamed.

    • She cannot sing, she sucks as a performer, her voice is robotic-like and unattractive, and her face is only decent after her double-eyelid, nose bridge enhancement and alar reduction plastic surgeries… Her songs are not catchy either. The melodies suck and the lyrics are boring, non-poetic and juvenile. I’m a bi-sexual and I can’t make ANY sense of her popularity in mainland China. To me, it’s all just pure lunacy.

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