Popularity by the numbers

What’s the most fair way to count popularity?
Baidu, mainland’s biggest search engine, thinks it’s by search results.
On the 20th, Baidu held its 3rd annual Hunan TV-Baidu Search Awards at the Water Cube.
CFensi brings you some of the best performances and speeches from the H3O.

Vicki Zhao Wei – Most popular actress; upon viewing a video summary of her ten years as an actress:

My greatest reward is that I found the meaning to my life. I think living in this world, everyone has a purpose in their lives, be it the the feeling of parents to their child or a doctor to his patients. In these ten years, I found the value in my life. Although my purpose is not as amazing as that of a scientist, but I think my life was a worthwhile one.

Chen Kun – most popular male actor

Actually, I’m late to mature. I always thought that I should act in roles that I want to, like in Mei Lan Fang, but unfortuantely I missed it. I realized that in life, there are other roles we must act as. Thank you to everyone who has supported me to this day. Whether you’re a fan of my acting, singing, or you’re just someone who silently supports me, I hope you’ll continue to support me. I’ll do my best for you guys, because I learned to enjoy my profession now.

Singer-wise, JJ Lin, Jay Chou and Wang Leehom rise far above the other with over 800 million MP3 searches each. Jane Zhang then follows with an entourage of Super Girls and Xianzi with searches between 600 and 400 million. Male mainland singers, female Taiwanese/Hong Kong singers and the rest of the male Taiwanese/Hong Kong singers have anywhere from 300 million to 100 million searches each. Groups are last, as no group even hit the 200million mark.

Xianzi is another mainland singer who’s done well in Taiwan. Although she has yet to be covered in CFensi, I really like her voice. Her song, she bu de, was the 3rd most searched for song of 2008.  She was also the only none Super Girl to be on top 5 of female singers.

Ethan Ruan – most popular idol actor

Here, I must first thank Hunan TV and Baidu, because earlier, I was threatened by Chen Qiaoen. She threatened to split the prize into two, half for her and half for me. Luckily, there are two.

BOBO – Most popular group, top 10 song (If), and cutest acceptance speech:

“here, we thank everyone who gave us this honor. Thanks to Huayi Brothers, to our managers, to Baidu. We’re very happy to receive this world. I want to thank one person especially, and that’s my good brother standing beside me, because two years ago, we didn’t know each other. Two years later, after our hardworks, we received this award.

Chen Kaige, most popular director

I don’t usually come to this kind of things, so I don’t know what to say. I “baidu’ed” it, but couldn’t find anything, so I suggest that Baidu come up with acceptance speeches for people so that I can find them when I search for it. Back to serious business, thank you Hunan TV, which is really ahead in the entertainment area, also thanks to Baidu for giving this honor to me. Finally, I want to say that I want to make progressive movies, movies that are different. Movies that can leave a mark in this period, in our lives.  Although I’m neither the best nor the smartest, I’m willing to try. To borrow a phrase from Obama, Yes We Can.

JJ Lin and Charlene Choi‘s Little Dimples and water ballet

Chris Li Yuchun, most popular album and most popular idol

Thanks to Hunan TV, to Baidu, and finally to the mouse, because without the mouse, there’ll be no search results. Especially thanks to the cute friends sitting behind the screen, holding the mouse. In 2009, I’ll work hard and hope to bring even better products to everyone, thank you.

Xiaoke, composer/writer of Beijing Welcomes you, most popular song and most popular Olympic song:

Really, I think I’m only a spokesperson for a type of feeling. I wrote the song, but it’s all thanks to all you and to the Olympics.

And finally, I leave you with Zhang Jie‘s ode to “the most beautiful Water Cube (notice how he changed the lyrics at the end).” This performance was right after the introduction of a girl who found landing sites for helicopters during the earthquakes and posted them on Baidu.

Full list of winners:

For musicians, only MP3/song title searches are counted. For movies, only movie character-related searches are counted. Here are the winners, with their searches in  millions

Most searched for female artist: Crystal Liu Yifei (1135)
Most searched for male artist: Jay Chou (2379)

Most popular mainland female singer: Jane Zhang (614)
Most popular mainland male singer: Xu Wei (336)
Most popular Taiwan/Hong Kong female singer: Joey Yung (390)
Most popular Taiwan/Hong Kong male singer: JJ Lin (872)
Most popular new singer: Jam Hsiao (185)
Most popular mainland group: BOBO (127)
Most popular Hong Kong/Taiwan group: SHE  (193)
Most popular new group: Top Combine (49)

Top 10 songs (in order): Bejing Welcomes you; Xianzi – she bu de; BOBO- If; Ma Tianyu-Still together; Jane Zhang- Painted Heart; Jay Chou – Wheat fragrance; JJ Lin&Charlene Choi – Little Dimples; Nicky Lee -Think too much; Xu Wei- Story; Jason Zhang Jie – After tomorrow
Most popular album: Chris Lee- Youth China (68)
Most popular Olympic song: Bejing Welcomes you (166)
Most popular charity song: Promise (16)
Most popular theme song: Jane Zhang – Painted Heart (90)

Most popular mainland actor: Chen Kun (90)
Most popular mainland actress: Vicki Zhao(61)
Most popular Taiwan/Hong Kong actor:  Tony Leung(35)
Most popular Taiwan/Hong Kong actress:  Charlene Choi (22)
Most popular idol actor/actress: Ethan Ruan (23)
Most popular new actor/actress: Lin Chi-ling (22)

Most popular movie: Red Cliff (96)
Most popular mainland drama: Magic cellphone (61)
Most popular Taiwan/Hong Kong drama: Fated to Love you (79)
Most popular director – Chen Kaige ( 58)

Most popular idol (based on Baidu Tieba rankings) – Chris Li Yuchun (161)

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  1. Actually, I loved most of Liu Yifei’s songs on her first album….not the best voice but some were super catchy, and she’s bubbly enough to pull it off.

  2. In Chinese awards, if you’re not mainland, you’re “gang-tai.” The place of birth thing doesn’t really work in terms of awards because otherwise, they need to start an “overseas category” for people like Khalil Fong and Wang Leehom who were born in the US.

  3. Actually, JJ Lin is from neither Hong Kong nor Taiwan. He’s from Singapore.

    I’m afraid I might have accidentally added to the number of Crystal Liu searches by searching for one of her songs out of morbid curiosity.

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