Metallic Attraction: Kungfu Cyborg finishes filming

1000 million yuan Sci-fi movie Kungfu Cyberg finished filming yesterday with director Jeff Lau and leads Hu Jun, Sun Li, Ronald Cheng Wu Jing, Alex Fong, etc.

Despite having filmed numerous comedies like “A Chinese Odyseey,” Jeff Lau says he still hasn’t lost the comedic touch. He says “Kungfu Cyborg isn’t an imitation, so first, it’s not like “Transformers.” Second, it’s not like any type of superman. It’s a cyborg with uniquely Eastern traits.  Kungfu Cyborg is a trial with lots of special effects. If we don’t make more advances in special effects, we’ll be even further behind Hollywood.”

“Kungfu Cyborg” will air in the summer.

source: Sina

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