A-One on Happy Camp


"Cicada" Kefeng demonstrating the "piggie" sleep in cow PJ's

The much anticipated episode of new boyband A-One on Happy Camp is finally out. Thanks to poster a-one for reminding me.

A-One managed to pull off the whole insect theme without making it seem strange at all. They’re so far the most goofy group of them all, but nevertheless talented, good-looking and good friends. The highlight was definitely Kefeng in his cow-pajamas dancing Michael Jackson.

12 thoughts on “A-One on Happy Camp

  1. Sorry, I tried downloading the whole thing, but my computer said it was corrupt. (Actually, Jay Chou said, “加油,” which is what happens when I do something wrong. I get cheered on by my favorite singer. Much better than the sound effects that called me a “meatball head.”) It took days to download because it would only go at 9 kps, so I was very disappointed that I couldn’t open it.

  2. Oops! I didn’t even notice the download link for the full episode, just that dance, LOL! I won’t have the chance to upload the whole thing today, though, but at least now there’s a non-fancam of that dance on YouTube.

  3. I’m uploading it to my YouTube account, but it’ll take a while to process. Just click the link where it says “hobielover” and that’ll bring you to my channel so you’ll see it once it’s up. :)

  4. homg!!! I too would love it if someone uploads this on youtube. My comp seriously can’t tolerate HQ downloads and tuodu hates me…

    I’m really glad to hear they’re goofy though, for whatever reason, dorky boyband image for me is far >>>>> then mysterious pouty boyband

  5. since 7 member appeared on the show, does it mean a-one will definitively be a seven member band? are the members set?

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