BOBO’s perfect duet


Who needs girls in a duet?

Elle : Earlier, you guys both said you liked sweet cute girls. Would you ever fight over the same girl?
Jing (steals mic): Jiejie*older sis*, let me tell you, that will never happen! Once, we were singing Male KTV, and Baozi *little meat bun aka Fu Xinbo* saw that the MTV was about two xiongdi*brothers aka bff’s* fighting over a girl, and was he mad! He was angry about it the whole night. It cracked me up….if he can’t even accept a MV like that but was very serious and very mad about it, how could that ever happen in real life?

Elle China’s special “double” edition included an article on the two perfect duos of Huayi- Yu Quan and BOBO. Forgive me for not putting up Yu Quan’s interview, who’s far ahead of BOBO in terms of singing and composing, but they have no fangirls to scan their stories. Expect more BOBO friendship cuteness in the Baidu awards post coming soon.

Huayi's two duets- Yu Quan and BOBo

Huayi's two duos- Yu Quan and BOBO

Elle: Why did you guys form a group? Was it because groups were “in”?
BOBO: Since the competition, we had a very strong friendship, and our company liked us, so we wanted to be a group. At the time, we didn’t understand that the entertainment circle lacked groups; we only knew that we were used to each other being there after so long. Sometimes when singing, we would look at each other; when one person’s not there, the other person would still look to their side and wait for someone else to finish the line out of habit.

Elle: Aren’t you ever bored with always singing with one person? Have you ever imagined you were singing alone or pretended the other person was a sexy girl?
Jing: If I stood on the stage alone, I would still automatically turn to the side. I don’t want a hot girl. I don’t want a boy&girl group.
Fu: I can’t imagine the two of us not singing together. I’m too used to it. Beautiful girl? Maybe, but who? (Jing: Jolin Tsai!)


Elle: So what does 1+1 mean to you?
Fu: 1+1 is obviously larger than 2. We are good by ourselves, but we’re even better together. And in such a complicated environment, we can support and care for each other.
Jing: Right, compared to the competition times, there’s less naive and innocent joys and more work. Although some tasks are not happy, but we have became closer; we have became each other’s confidant and motivation.

source: Elle China/Baidu BOBO Bar/Tianya


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  1. Hey everyone! It’s so good to see the latest updates of bobo in here, because some of the unofficial bobo’s forum are already dead. Thanks to idarklight for the translation! :) I hope to see more articles about bobo in time to come!

  2. Here are a few more sources:

    Full version of Nanking English documentary (nominated for Oscars’ best documentary)

    English song “A song for Iris” (theme song to Canadian documentary Iris Chang)

    John Rabe German trailer:

    Nanking! Nanking! just got approved by SARFT and will probably be released soon.

    Taiwanese band Machi’s song 1937:

    English translation of 1937:
    Narration: No matter how long time has passed
    the wounds are still there
    the tears still boils
    some people, some things, some history,
    we can never forget.

    (chorus) Say sorry – the truth cannot be covered by lies
    Apologize – history cannot be changed by making up stories
    Regret – is the only way to receive honor
    Nanking 1937, will never be forgotten.

    (chorus x2)

    History returns to AD 1937
    The Japanese Army first invades my land
    Brutelessly killing poor, innocent civilians
    Inside Nanking, blood fills the grounds, and moans fill the sky
    Blood reddens the steps of the imperialistic nation
    300,000 Nanking friends loses their life in a few days
    Eight years of fighting was like hell on earth
    Numerous girls, ruined and broken
    all became tools to satisfy the monsters of war
    Seventy years have past, the girls have lost their youth
    and the comfort women have slowly been forgotten
    perhaps the wounds of the body can be relieved
    but the wounds inside the heart will never be erased
    Today, the war criminals are being honored in the Yasukuni shrine
    and every crime of the Japanese army became another new wound
    I cannot let the dead ancestors wait
    I want the criminals to receive punishment, because justice still exists

    (chorus x2)

    After so many years, the old grandmother is still swallowed by fear
    Who can return to her a happy day?
    The black and white images are like thorns in her head
    The heavy memories are full of things that cannot be said
    I would rather be like a child, innocent and ignorant
    I would rather have never read those histories
    I dream everyday of Lugou Bridge, the broken stone lions
    and cannot forget the massacre, this cruel truth
    The whole world knows about Nazis killing Jews
    yet our pains are hidden by others

    I feel sorry for my Japanese friends
    Their country uses lies to cover mistakes
    They don’t know what wrongs their previous generation has done
    only that the atomic bomb came from America
    He thinks that he was the victim
    It’s a lie. I can no longer remain silent

    (chorus x2)

    Playing Nintendo in my hands
    I wonder if my ancestors are in heaven
    The cool people talk about APE
    even I watch Japanese AV
    You’re obsessed with Japan, it’s really okay
    But history and the truth can never be forgotten
    The world already lacks love
    We don’t want to hurt old bruises
    and would never want the world to have wars again
    You keep talking about Seppuku
    yet can’t even admit your own wrongs
    I can’t see any Samurai spirit
    please show your Yamato soul
    please take up our responsibilities
    return freedom to the millions of dead souls
    I still hear echos of the moans and signs in Nanking
    A simple truth, a world of sorry
    and they’ll be rested
    They’re still waiting
    since Nanking 1937

    (chorus x2)

  3. Yep, I’ve already read it. That post was where I got my inspiration from for the topic. Thanks for the other info though!

  4. awww, they’re so cute. I’m glad they’re still really close.

    This is off topic, but could you make a post on any movies that will come out about Nanking? Anything on that topic will be apperciated, since I’ve decided to do my research topic on that area and I haven’t found much info on the Internet.

  5. btw a-one on happy camp is finally out. do you have a link to the vid. a-one’s sina website has a small condensed version of it but not the full version. and my chinese is horrible so i cant read and find the full vid.

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