Meteor Shower’s female leads and first stills

Chu Yuqian begs Yu Xin to stay after falling in the water

Chu Yuxun is sad that idarklight wrote her name wrong

Zheng Shuang off-camera

Zheng Shuang off-camera

Meteor Shower is a co-production between Hunan TV, EE Media and Beijing Chunqiu. The drama plans to be aired this summer. It will be directed by Taiwanese director of  “The Outsiders” and the script took the team of Wang Hanlin over a year to finish.  EE Media CEO Long Danni stated that “Meteor Garden” is a combination of the best production team from both sides of the strait.

The director of the drama, He Hanchen, is that of the popular Taiwanese series “The Outsiders.” He said that when choosing the actors, he was not forced to pick the Super Boys. Instead, he said that he picked them for their smiles among a group of candidates. When asked about the complaints of the drama before it even began, he replied, ” I don’t care. I only care that this drama will make people cry and laugh. If it can do that, it’s a good drama.”


Zheng Shuang as Chu Yuqian

Zheng Shuang as Chu Yuxun, above are other cast members, center is Baoqin in new Dream of Red Mansion

Second-year student of the Beijing Film Academy (Vicki Zhao Wei, Chen Kun, Huang Xiaoming, Crystal Liu, etc) Zheng Shuang is confirmed to be the lead Chu Yuxun. Zheng Shuang is currently the youngest student in her class and was born in April of 1991.


Recognized her? Probably not, but you probably have seen her before, for she was one of the ten “Olympic baobei’s” handpicked by director Zhang Yimou to perform as a part of the Beijing 8-minutes at the Closing Ceremony of 2004 Athens Olympics. Also from the Bejing Film Academy (but she graduated already), Chu Yinan,’ll be playing Yu Xin, the supporting actress.

Can you spot Chu Yinan?

sources: Hunan TV ,Sina , Yu Haoming tieba and Sina

picture spam of the Asia Gulf Hotel.


20 thoughts on “Meteor Shower’s female leads and first stills

  1. estoy enamorada de Zhang Han es tope de guapo.
    Me parece que la Zheng Shuang y Zhang Han forman una buena pareja de novios.
    La peli me ha gustado muchisimo, y esta bien hecha.

  2. I really like Meteor Shower news, it’s so mysterious right now. Just wondering, does anyone know if the main character, (forgot his name in this version) but DaoMinSi in the tw one, is not going to have permy hair in this version? It seems like from what little pictures and clips there are, his hair is just broom-style haha. It’s a bit of a shame if it isn’t though, I feel like it’s been like a tradition in all the different versions :/…

    Zheng Shuang seems to be really cute though, and her acting skills I assume will be up to par so I’m looking forward to her performance :)

  3. I was looking at the pictures at the link luxury posted and for a moment I thought she had a huge bruise on her left arm, but it turns out there was just a big smudge on all of the photos. Why did they use a camera with a big smudge on the lens to take those pictures?

  4. Xiamen is really quite nice. Its one of the few cities in China that isnt enveloped in toxic smog and pollution. Zheng Shuang looks a bit like Rainie Yang to me.

  5. well, I have to go to sleep now… (I planned to go to sleep a hour and a half ago…but then this came up)… will you watch the live feed? Just make sure not to post any awkward pictures of them up… Wei Chen and Yu Haoming are unphotogenic enough that even normal pictures make them not as attractive as they are.

  6. ^.^ That’s the second article I linked to.

    but thanks for finding the self-cam article! You’re so efficient.
    uh…her eyebags in the last two pictures are rather creepy…but she looks really different in every photo… I’m curious to know how she actually looks like


    据悉,郑爽出生于1991年,是北京电影学院07表演本科班中年纪最小的学生,新《红楼梦》(旧版 新版)中“惜春”的扮演者徐行、《一个女人的史诗》中赵薇女儿的扮演者景甜也是她的同班同学。为避免像此前的选角风波一样出现讹传,龙丹妮除了向记者证实郑爽定角一事后不愿多谈,仅表示演员将会在今日的开机仪式上正式亮相。据悉,郑爽是通过在网站举行的海选活动被制片方发现并确定为最终人选的。这位幸运的女孩可以说完全是演艺界新人,在网上甚少有她的资料,堪称剧组的“秘密武器”。《流星雨》制片人尹廉和认为“杉菜”的选角标准是“不用很美,但要很干净很清纯”,并表示郑爽眼神很清澈,不像生活丰富、经历很多的美女。


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