Valentine’s Day, FUTURE edition


Vicki Zhao and Chen Kun celebrates Valentine's Day together as the leads of movie Mulan, which will also feature Vitas

Valentine’s Day seems to be a popular time for releasing new songs, here are some our favorite songs that are previews for future albums by Tan Weiwei, Kimi Qiao Renliang and Kym Jin Sha.

I forgot to say – Tan Weiwei

2nd place of Super Girls 2006 Tan Weiwei recently signed on the the recording company of Huayou, a seed company of the Hurray! group that also owns mainland Huayi and Taiwanese Seed. She released her new single and her album is due in March. “I forgot to say” is probably my favorite pop song from her so far. It manages to show off her vocals very naturally. Tan Weiwei began as a folk singer of mainly Tibetan-styled ethnic songs, which I adore. She achieved relative success and had released an album, several singles and had starred in a musical before competing in Super Girls in 2006. She also performed Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau in Vienna’s Golden Hall, which is a great feat for anyone.


Kimi Qiao Renliang‘s new album, Lovely You, is also coming out soon. I don’t know much about him, but Cfensi adored him and he’s a great stage performer.

Lovely you MV:

Lovely you English version:


kym-photo2h kym-photo2f kym-photo2d

Kym Jin Sha, JJ Lin’s little underling, released her single, which is suppose to be part of an album or EP coming soon. Jin Sha is one of the two mainland artists belonging to Singaporean Ocean Disk, the other one being Kiki Hu Ling. I always felt a little sad for her because she looks absolutely adorable, and she can sing and has composed before. If only she could get a role in a Taiwanese idol drama, I feel like her career would skyrocket.

Such Love – Kym Jin Sha

11 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day, FUTURE edition

  1. Chen Kun totally gave Zhao Wei a ring last week or so… The fangirl in me definitely spazzed out.

    But of course, it was a ring of friendship, and a diamond one at that.

  2. chun kun and zhao wei they are always together are they going out?

    they were best friends when they went to uni together…they were in the same class tooo..

  3. Fu Jing, a graduate of the Central Drama Academy. Her most famous works are probably that MV and Landing Please Open Mobile Phone with Sun Honglei.

  4. i dont know..but i think Jin Sha looks like an Asian version of Keira Knightley…hmm especially in the big picture

  5. i don’t know how i feel about kimi’s new hair cut + new song, i always thought he is best represented through punk rock style ><

  6. Tan Weiwei’s mv was fanmade…it’s basically an editted version of Chen Chusheng’s “One person’s winter” MV

    It’s based off Mulan the poem, not the Disney movie… I don’t know what the plot’ll be since the poem is pretty short and lacks a love story in itself.

  7. kimi’s MV was adorable!!!

    chen kun’s filming “mulan”?
    is the storyline the same as the animated one?

    or is it a completely different film?

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