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Holding hands – every couple in love often began with this simple gesture Love – two pair of hands, separating and joining Holding another person’s hands, doesn’t always mean a smooth future; Love – is sour, bitter, and sweet – hotspot

From the Hotspot Photoshoot featuring China’s best looking model couple, Rojam Wang and Emma Pei Bei

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Yep, it’s that time of the year again, when the world is full of love, every MV has a duet and every magazine has a valentine special. Here are some of our favorite Valentine goodies, in two editions (because there’s too much love for just one post). NOW will feature the Valentine’s Day specials, and FUTURE will have Valentine’s Day releases that are previews for even better things later.

A happiness with you – Wei Chen ft Yu Shasha

wc-fendou-mv2 The MV for the Wei Chen’s Struggle song came out. CFensi and I both like the other theme song better, and not just because it’s by Lu Hu. But hey, Sohu’s paying for the MV, so we can’t complain. In Struggle, Yu Shasha plays a spoiled “princess” who eventually drives Wei Chen’s character away. When they were together, she used to blow a whistle to order him around. In the last scene, she sees him with his new girlfriend. Wanting her relationship back, she blows the whistle over and over again until he returns to her.

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Peng Tan and

Peng Tan and Chun Xiao

Hotspot magazine released a Special Valentine’s Edition, with photoshoots of multiple gorgeous couples and a story on Peng Tan and Chun Xiao’s love story. Click here for more pretty pictures of people we don’t know.

Peng Tan, musician Chun Xiao, model, actress, singer 2008, behind the scenes of a performance, the two met. Because he wanted to work on a song with her, he texted her. Then, the conversation turned from work to relationships. Now, they’ve been together for half a year. Deeply in love. They are two very similar people, lucky to have met each other in their life. They also have disagreements, they begin with fighting, and end with forgiving. They like to watch movies together, go out together, sing on the same stage together. He’ll be her musician, she’ll express his feelings. That song about love, was written by him. It’s called “Song F.” On their left ring finger, there are two tattoo’ed rings. His is nine “ri/sun,” because her “xiao” hs a “ri,” and his element is fire; Hers is nine “tu/earth,” because his “tan” has a “tu,” and her element is earth. This is the present he gave her, and his body’s only tattoo ; This is the most special present she’s ever gotten, and her symbol of love. Their sweet is one to be jealous of; their love has too many unknowns; they are experiencing a feeling they never felt before;they learn to face and solve problems together; they say, “we feel in love, this feeling is precious.”

Wang Leehom, whose recently been picked up by Jackie Chan to film a movie, and Jane Zhang‘s much anticipated MV finally came out. (also check out Jane’s My Road MV if you haven’t yet)

Another Heaven – Wang Leehom ft Jane Zhang


South Africa’s Tourism Agency invited CosmoBride/ Huang Yi and Yin Xiaotian for a photoshoot.

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  1. Rojam is shanghainese, he is 188 cm, he is 21 y.o and catwalking in China and France. …oooh they’ll have smoking hot babies! yeahh

    Jane did her dolphin voice, but why can the songwriter & producer of her songs give her better songs that showcase her wide range vocal…she sounds just like regular singers in most of her albums. What a waste of talent!

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