Meteor Shower location in Xiamen University, Wei Chen in Thailand

Xiamen University

Xiamen University

For more pictures of Xiamen University, scroll down to the bottom.

Last week, SARFT put up the approved proposal of the mainland Hana Yori Dango.

According to the proposal, the following is the new synopsis of the drama, named “Meteor Shower.”

Chu Yuqian/Yuyun(there are two different pronounciations for the word) is a hardworking, smart highschool girl. Her biggest dream is to enter the pretigious Ailisitun (Aliceton?) University. With help from her uncle, she finally gets in. Yun Hai, Duan Mulei, Ximen Ruiqian and Ye Shuo are the four richest students of Aliceton. With their gorgeous looks, they became the idols of all the girls there. However, they’re unsatisfied with the lives that their parents forced upon them. In order to get the principle to kick them out of Ailisitun(Aliceton?), they performs a serious of pranks. While fighting for the justice of the victims of the pranks, Yuqian/Yuyun become the target of F4. Through fighting and arguing, they began to admire each other and became friends. Touched by Yuqian/Yuyun, F4 eventually becomes the top four students of the school. At the same time, they became loving, responsible males. Through the multiple struggles and hardships, Girl and F4 grew up. They learned to control their own lives, chose their own futures, and to strive for their dreams.

Yu Haoming as Lei

Yu Haoming as Lei

According to Sina, casting will include three newcomers, Yu Haoming as Lei/Duan Mulei and Wei Chen as Meizuo/Ye Shuo. I really hope that Lu Hu or Allen Su will also be in it so that Wei Chen can write songs with them in all the spare time he’ll have. There are rumored pictures of the new people, who are rather eye-candy, but since they’re not definite, I’ll wait until the official pictures come out.

Filming should begin this month and is planned to take three months. It will air in September.

Wei Chen at the Bangkok airport. The best part is the monkey, which does not represent Ltarn no matter what Wei Chen says.

Ye Shuo at the Bangkok airport. The most important part is the monkey, which does not represent Ltarn no matter what Wei Chen says.

Meanwhile, Ye Shuo-to be Wei Chen went to Thailand to be in two Thai shows to promote the airing of Thai-dubbed (and heavily editted) versions of Hunan TV’s “Just the Two of Us.” The show featured Thai singers Pachornpol Jantieng and Loogtarn/Ltarn, both singers from Thai Idol “Academy Fantasia.” During the competition, Wei Chen was paired with Ltarn and they won second place (with Kan Miyeon and Anson Hu winning first). True Vision TV of Thailand seems to have a partnership with EE Media as in an earlier article about Top Combine, EE Media mentioned expansion into Thailand, also.

Wei Chen and Ltarn on Thai TV:

For Thai-dubbed Anson Hu, Wei Chen, and more:

EE Media (which owns Hunan TV) seems to have formed a bond with Thailand, as expansion to Thailand was also mentioned in an earlier article relating to Top Combine.








48 thoughts on “Meteor Shower location in Xiamen University, Wei Chen in Thailand

  1. lol..You can tell from a mile away that Da Mouth singer is korean, I thought he was full korean in the beginning.

    Boran is from Liaoning apparently not Heilongjiang, just found out that there is only 0.6% korean ethnic over there, it is still overwhelmingly han chinese.

    I like Boran small, chiseled and dimensional face…only his eyes made me think that he might be part korean or something.

  2. oh, easy… they hold protests by spamming the internet anonymously…=_=

    Jing Boran’s from Dongbei/Northwest province/formerly Manchuria, and according to Hangeng fans (also from there) Dongbei Chinese guys have the ideal look for Koreans…because they’re next to each other… XD

    Jing Boran’s 1/8 Russian and 7/8 Han Chinese. I think out of the people we have covered, the only part Koreans are the Da Mouth members and Stephyl from Boy&Girl. She’s 1/4 Korean.

  3. lol..could be…I had no intention to leave comments but after the whole ‘ugly’ words from netizens..these boys got my sympathy…so jia you!

    I also dislike the fact that a lot of internet posts get articles with listed sources but when you clicked on the source link , it would say..error link, page no longer exist or something like that.

    idarklight, please keep updating the shooting scenes..but maybe you need to write on a new page..haha.
    I wonder how do Xiamen univ. students hold a protest? with banners, internet postings, eggs throwing, shouting?

    Still not a fan of Jun Ki, sorry, why not use Jin Boran? Btw, is Boran ethnic korean?

  4. Was Kan Miyeon a member of Baby Vox? or KISS? all I know is that she is a member of a group, but I forgot which.

    I’m okay with Lee Junki. Top Combine also has a member who is Korean. I’m surprised there are actually people who wants to debut in China, but then that maybe because they know they won’t be successful if they were in Korea.

  5. Yu Haoming, like Top Combine, is a collab between EE Media and DoReMi. And Kan Miyeon is also in DoReMi…so it was more like DoReMi using Haoming to promote Kan Miyeon rather than the other way around.

    Lee Junki recently signed to EEG (the HK company), so he’ll be hanging out with China for a while. I don’t mind him because he’s popular and a good actor. He’ll help the career of whatever mainland actress Hai Yan chooses…and Hai Yan always picks new (and generally good) people.

    since you talked about the internet… I hate it when “news” articles use random internet comments as sources…couldn’t they get the opinion of a real person, with a real name?

  6. I think if foreign celebs are selected based on their MERIT, I’m fine with it but as we have discussed above, it wasn’t really the case. Sometimes I can’t blame the producers cause mainlanders do like foreign the saying goes: grass looks greener on the other side of the fence…lol
    I think Japan is more open compared to Korea cause they accept foreign dramas & singers to perform, they are more fair.

    Hai Yan new drama, a chinese classic, will feature Lee Jun Ki as the leading role. Reading this made me laugh, cause chinese audiences will see an oriental face speaking k-hinese, playing as a chinese man during the classical…why Hai Yan didn’t try to find a korean chinese around Heilonjiang since he seems to love using korean actors.

  7. To be honest, when Super Girls was first introduced, I wasn’t very fond of the contest. To me, it was just a bunch of girls competing with each other and I thought they are just wasting their time since Mainland China’s singers does not have enough exposure anyways. I have to admit that Chris Li is really popular, but I’m still not her fan. I think I was pretty annoyed because when the Super Girl contest became a big hit, many of the girls followed Bibi Zhou and Chris Li’s steps and gained a lot of fame. I’m not very updated with singing/dancing contests in China, but I do see potential in some people. I guess right now I’m always comparing them to Korean entertainment, but I know China is still growing.

    In the past months, Cfensi definitely changed what I have to say about the Chinese entertainment industry. Hopefully, young people are given more opportunities instead of giving it to foreign celebs. In Ham’s recent MV, I don’t see why they needed the Korean celeb to be in the MV. I mean is it suppose to get more exposure?

    Speaking of Zhang Junning, in the 5 Star Hotel, there was a Korean actress in that drama. I doubt she’s popular in Korea.

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