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CCTV’s Spring Festival Gala has become one of the symbols of the Lunar New Year in China and one of the most extravagant shows that CCTV puts on every year. Jay Chou’s performance was probably the most anticipated event of the night. It consisted of three generations of singers – folk singer Song Zuying, Jay and 9-year-old genius Hou Gaojunjie- singing a blend of Song Zuying’s “Spicy Girls” and Jay’s “Herbalist Manual.” Apparently, singing with Song Zuying has been a dream of Jay.

Update: Jay also said that he has already invited Song Zuying to sing in a duet with him. He says he wants to compose a duet just for her.

Herbalist Manual and Give you a Eastern  jasmine

The one thing that struck me about cctv this year was its integration of the stage in the dance performances. This is the first time I feel like they actually incorporated the stage in the planning of the dances instead of using it as a simple backdrop, and the result was stunning. Though no performance stood out like the Thousand-Hand Bodhivista or the Flying Apparatus, both dances this year were visual feasts.

Multimedia dance:

Butterfly-flower love:

You might’ve also noticed the lack of pop singers in the Gala this year. This is the second year (the first being the disaster of 2003) that the Gala is all live.  Unfortunately, cctv has a slight grudge against competition winners other than its own,  and it so happens that an overwhelming majority of mainland pop stars who can sing live are competition winners. The result is the forced leaving of most pop stars invited after they failed the singing test during rehearsals. The only ones left were Jay Chou, Eva Huang Shengyi and Joey Yung, with both of the latter being off-key anyways.

And finally, there’s hottie Magician Liu Qian. His make-up is a bit weird today, but he’s still awesome as usual:

What do you get when you mix Dragon, Tomato, and horns? Right, this.

Dragon TV's logo is a tomato (or a red ball with a star), but this time only, it's a tomato with ox horns


Hunan’s Little New Year Concert this year almost beats CCTV in variety with performances by the Russian national circus, idol singers Fahrenheit and Ah Sa of Twins, otherworldly Alan and Sa Dingding, actors Huang Xiaoming and Hu Ge, and a third of its own EE Media. And this time, the mics worked. The biggest surprise was probably the duet by Huang Xiaoming and Chris Lee, mainly Chris. Her voice was full of a sweet feminine clearness instead of the usual gender-neutral coolness.

The sun in my palmHuang Xiaoming ft Chris Lee

new song Celebrate New Year togetherZhang Jie, Tan Weiwei, and a third of EE Media.

Dragon TV, Hunan TV’s biggest competitor (face it, Dragon, mangoes taste so much better than tomatoes), featured Anson Hu, Xue Zhiqian, Show Luo, SJ-M, Zhang Liyin, Eason Chan, BOBO and a multitude of stars that was basically everyone from Hunan’s New Year Concert, minus EE Media and plus Shanghai/Dragon-based artists . Dragon TV’s Gala also had two new songs, including a quirky Shanghainese rap:

Love ShanghaiAnson Hu, Xue Zhiqian, etc.

We are in ShanghaiAnson Hu, Xue Zhiqian,Show Luo, SJ-M, Zhang Liyin, Eason Chan, BOBO, etc.

And finally, Hubei TV’s Music Assembly featured an array of boybands, among other people, in its New Year Special. It’s a bit late, but CFensi and I were quite impressed by their level of singing(for boybands), so I’m going to put them up anyways.

If –BOBO Fu Xinbo

Butterfly Flies – Top Combine

28 thoughts on “New Year Galas Wrap-up

  1. OH! *That* Superband! For some reason, I though the winners of that Singaporean show! That’s completely different! I missed that part somehow when I watched the gala. I like 纵贯线 so far. I’m kind of sad now that I missed the preview of their new song until now, when the full song has been released. Their performance was good!

  2. Thanks for this blog! Great now I’m finally on my way to broadening my horizons chinese music wise. The Chinese and my people do in fact share a rather vivid and prickly history. But as the saying goes, let bygones be bygones and live and let live. Actually, I’m glad Jay wants to write/compose a song for Song Zuying. I’m Miao like her and we have the same last name too except mine is spelled Xiong. Anyways, Yay for that.

    Chinese music is in fact garnering a lot of attention I noticed and it’s a very good thing. I hope one day China, Taiwan, HK and other places will come together infinitely and not just through music, though it is a good place to start. If only people will stop getting “political” about it and sometimes even, “politically incorrect”.

    Music is one language and it is universal.

    Where you are from is a matter of geographical difference. How you lead your life, yes there is a difference too.

    But isn’t music a personification of a bridge where men could meet each other half way and live in understanding and acceptance?

    What is equally immature is the broadcast systems but then that’s a fact all over the world and not just China, though where I am, they aren’t childish enough to “Banish” competition winners.

  3. i watched this year’s spring fesitval gala. i actually thought it was AWESOME! espcially the xiao pings. since i’ve been so into xiao sheng yang’s acting after it. i thought it was done better than all the others years. but it’s just that some of the large groups of dances was actually quite boring. but overall i thought it was great.

  4. @mrpeng Anson Hu’s a Shanghainese. He’s also composing the theme song for the 2010 Shanghai Expo.

    @JJJ They have sang live as a group for some interviews and variety shows. They have all sang live solos numerous times, especially Zhang Yuan. Zhang Yuan has a gorgeous voice live.

    Two of my favorite lives by him:

  5. I LOVE SHANGHAI. my hometown. i like the vid. haha. isnt anson hu a beijinger? his shanghainese was pretty good.

  6. This was my first time watching Top Combine sing live, and not lip synching… they WERE singing live right? =/

  7. haha my parents were watching this except they skipped all the interesting pop acts and went for the veteran singers that I didnt know…

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