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Updates on the New Meteor Garden, Zhang Jie and Jackie Chan, Chen Chusheng, Guo Jingming and other EE Media/Hunan TV aka Mango TV related news.

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Everything about the New Meteor Garden is still undecided, so here are the latest “news” flying around. The announcing of the casting of F4 has been moved back again, but the female lead has been chosen. She’s a nineteen-year-old from the Beijing Film Institute. The story will be significantly changed, with different names and backgrounds of each of the characters. For example, Rui might play the piano instead of the violin. Being forever Chinese, the drama will also be less violent and more inspirational. Domyouji has pretty much been confirmed as not from the Super Boys. But of course, as CFensi should’ve pounded into you by now, you can’t always trust what you read.

Chen Chusheng, who dissappeared on New Year’s Eve, held a press conference on the 16th in Beijing and stated that he will end his contract with EE Media. He was unhappy that he had to do so many commercial things when he just wants to make music.  Chen Chusheng is a true musician, and a good one at that, but good luck finding a company that’ll let you “just make music.”
(sidenote: After Zhou Bichang’s contract with her second company ended on New Years, which makes her free again. However, she has yet to find a new company. Good luck to her, too.)

Searching– Chen Chusheng


Jackie Chan congradulating Zhang Jie

Despite being nominated for 11 categories, Zhang Jie only won the Gold Melody award at the Chinese Pop Charts on the 13th. Nevertheless, he got a “special prize” from Jackie Chan, who came up to him afterwards and said,

I asked them to schedule it so that I can perform after you sang “Tian Xia”

Apparently, Jackie Chan watched Super Boys and was impressed by Zhang Jie’s singing, so he wanted to sing right after him. I’m not sure why singing before Jackie Chan is such a great honor, but being praised by him sure is.

Tian Xia– Zhang Jie

Guo Jingming walking down the aisles of Hunan TV's New Year concert

Guo Jingming walking down the aisles of Hunan TV's New Year concert. It

Guo Jingming was hired as the assistant editor-in-chief at the headquarters of one of the biggest publishing houses in China, Changjiang Press. He is the first author from the 80’s generation to hold such a high position. In addition to finishing Tiny Times 2.0, Guo Jingming also plans to introduce a new serial later this month through his magazine Top Novel. The new serial, named Jueji, will be a medieval fantasy. Meanwhile, fans are franatically analyzing the poster for clues to the plotline of Tiny Times, which apparently has turned into a very intense story of mystery and thriller. I would put up the poster, but it creeped me out.

15 thoughts on “When life gives you mangoes, make news

  1. Ahh I had hoped the cast will be revealed soon D: but I guess it’s a kinda good thing, in a way. Since the Krn HYD has just started since everyone is all into that one right now lol (thought right now I am so much more interested in the Chinese one than the KRN one xDD) But it’s a good thing they have found the girl yet ^-^ but wow she has the same age as me D: luckyyy LOL.

    About Chen Chusheng, good luck to him for searching one lol.

  2. Lol, I remember back when the Taiwan series came out, china banned it, and now they are making their own. IDK if it’s a good idea for them to make it so close to the Korean one though… The comparisons wil be inevitable, and it’s gonna be hard to top that one…

  3. Oooh, i can of liked the idea of Ma Xueyang as Rui, got really exited actually…wants to see if he can actually act…

    Anyways finally some news! But since the announcing of the casting of F4 has been moved back, Ive even more curious now.

    Hate waiting…

    I like the korean version of HYD, but I felt that maybe Domyouji fell a lttle too quickly in love…

    Love youre site btw!

  4. im pretty excited about this.
    i’m watching the korean version right now, and apparently in the korean version follows the manga. I thought the korean version would have added it’s own flavor (switch up some plots).

    I like the fact how Rui won’t be playing violin, because I’m up for a different change. I’m anxious to see who the main actress is and of course Dao Ming Shi :D

  5. she seems pretty cute. but maybe she’s a bit TOO young?! well anyways hopefully it’s her. based on her looks, it kind of does suit the character. i mean she looks pretty innocent!

  6. She looks like the Jin from Top Combine in the second picture…
    Her eyes seem lively, and that’s good.
    From her questionaire, she doesn’t sound very thoughtful, but I shouldn’t judge too quickly.

    I feel like one of the reasons why most of the Super Boys haven’t tried to leave is because of each other, especially the younger ones that writes music together or are bff’s.

  7. Oh…I like her look in the second picture. Her favorite is Cecilia Cheung? I actually really do like Cecilia Cheung’s acting, especially Lost in Time.

    Interesting if it’s true. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

    This would make her the second person to have studied a year at Beijing Film Academy before acting in a Hana Yori Dango based production. Abe Tsuyoshi was a pretty charismatic actor for how little material he was given, so I’m hoping this girl can bring that kind of charisma as well.

  8. @everyone…I wouldn’t be counting on pics of the female lead too soon. Hunan has been known to keep things under wraps pretty well, as with Ugly Wudi’s actress.

    @idarklight Chen Chusheng always seemed a loner though, apart from the rest. And he didn’t seem to do that many commercial activites, imo. Atrociously handled breakup from eeMedia.

  9. I think Yu Haoming, Li Mao and Liu Zhoucheng should definitely go in acting since the three of them likes acting.
    The rest of the Super Boys just really want to sing, and I hope Mango will let them do just that. Otherwise, look at what happened to Chen Chusheng.

  10. lol mangos, so random
    anyways, im so glad that theyre changing the storyline-or else it would be booring (but i hope that “rui” still plays the violin)
    aww chen chusheng’s leaving??? =( ahh oh well, i never really liked him anyways, i cant wait, til the new year concert, til they announce the cast, and til i go to china!!!

  11. That logo makes me crave for mangoes, lmfao.

    And I too would like an image of the female lead. :D But I’m glad that they cast a n00b though. Would be more interesting that way.

  12. daaaaaang. i thought that the f4 cast would’ve been revealed today. but i guess it’ll b pushed back again. dang it! but anyways, i actually want to see who the girl is!! hopefully she won’t disappoint me! ^^ hopefully there will be pictures of her. but i personally don’t want the f4 cast to be from super boys, since they actually sing?! i actually want people that can act. and im not saying that super boys cant act. sorry if i’ve offended anyone.

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