“Feng Sheng” Roles Revealed

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The newest project, Feng Sheng, or Sound of Wind from ever expanding powerhouse Hua Yi Brothers is notable for the fact that all four of the leads are Hua Yi’s most bankable stars right now, Li Bingbing, Zhou Xun, Zhang Hanyu and Huang Xiaoming. They are all some fo the most well-liked stars in China and the first three have all won top acting awards at some point in their career, with the most recent winner being Zhang Hanyu at the Golden Horse Awards. In their press conference they revealed who they were playing.

After the success of “An Suan” (a TV series that was a monster hit in China), the author Mai Jia became popular too and Hua Yi paid over a million yuan for the rights to a movie version to the novel, “The Sound of Wind”.

Li Bingbing will be playing the superior in rank to Zhou Xun, and both are playing high-class spies. Zhang Hanyu will play Wu Ziguo, the leader of the Japanese puppet regime. Huang Xiaoming, finally getting to break into movies, will be playing a Japanese spy. Zhou Xun and Li Bingbing praised each other, saying how they had worked together before in another series ten years ago and had slept together in the same bed so they weren’t distant as the media sometimes says. Zhou Xun said she admired Li Binbing for working so hard despite her poor health. Zhang Hanyu regretted that he could not have any romantic scenes with them, and would only be treating them harshly instead in the movie. Huang Xiaoming, who arrived late for the press conference because he was in dress rehearsals for the Chinese New Years Gala, jokingly asked if he had been replaced when he saw Hua Yi’s producer Wang Zhonglei in his chair and pretended to leave.


Also of note at the press conference was Zhou Xun’s dress. According to her assistant, her boyfriend Li Qi cut it in several places, so that it showed actual flesh, and at other places showed only flesh-color clothing.This fit with the theme of the movie Zhou Xun said. “You think you see something, but in reality what you saw may not be true.” She usually dresses quite atrociously however…maybe her entire wardrobe is a metaphor?

I don’t know what I was expecting when I heard that they would all be doing a movie together, but I am a little disappointed. Movies like this do not interest me and I think that there are enough of these types in the Chinese movie industry already, but the cast is really, really big and Hua Yi is putting all off their eggs into one basket, so to speak. Separately these four command quite a box office draw and could perhaps make Hua Yi more money by appearing in four separate movies, but instead they will all be collectively working together on this, and so I expect a fantastic basket. I am sorry; I am not as good with the metaphors.

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To make up for any digs at Zhou Xun earlier, here are a couple of pics from when they were getting ready for the make-up tests. In contrast to the furrowed-brows of the other three cast members, who seemed to be thinking “I shouldn’t have written that in my biography “, or  “I’m totally going to get overshadowed in my movie breakout role”, and “I hope they don’t mess up my hair”, Zhou Xun seemed to be rather care-free and not thinking about anything. It must be nice to be the top actor in one of China’s top entertainment companies.



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