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Jane is a constant reminder that life isn't fair.

Jane is a constant reminder that life isn't fair.

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The biggest surprise is probably the change of Jane’s “signature” sound, which left the usual ethereal beauty and went closer to the human heart. Jane’s music isn’t just what you think…Perhaps, this girl once won you over with the high “dolphin sound/whistle register,” but beginning with this album, you can move the focus away from the whistle register. Free your ears, open your heart, feel and enjoy the joys and imaginations brought by every note – a true expression of feelings enters everysong. Three years, let you see Jane’s change.



Jane@Music album cover

Jane Zhang’s new album, Jane@Music is coming out on the 20th.  From the previews I’ve heard, this is definitely her best album so far. If her amazing voice didn’t earn her the right to sing some of the best theme songs in the last couple of years, she would’ve never gone so far with the composers of her last two albums. The previous two albums consisted mostly of boring ballads whose only good feature was Jane’s voice. Jane@Music, on the other hand, features high-qualitied songs and of course, her gorgeous voice. On the other hand, I still think she should come to America.

The songs from her new album has already been revealed at her concerts last December, and their recorded versions will be released two songs per day through Sohu here.

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  1. I have no idea. I want Song Bingyang to sing too. He has a really nice voice. I remember first listening to him and thinking that he reminded me of Wang Lee Hom, but yeah, I guess he’s not going to sing. =/ But then again, it’s just a rumour. Who knows?

  2. Her songs are out now. I really like “Ying Yue Rang Wo Shuo” and “Sunshine Alike”. This is probably her best album so far. Her “Update” album wasn’t that bad either. But this is probably going to be played on my playlist for a while.

  3. @Wendy

    I agree. The first time a boyband in the Asian music world caught my eye was H.O.T. because I was amazed at how by their third album they composed nearly all their songs, and I still think Moon Heejun’s an amazing composer, despite plagiarism accusations. The ones who didn’t compose choreographed some amazing dances. They seemed so invested in their creations. But SM doesn’t seem about cultivating that anymore.

    And, Song Binyang…is he not going to sing? His voice was awesome! What’s to stop him from debuting if he can compose and sing so well?

  4. I love Song Binyang’s voice, though. He and Liyin’s duet was probably my favorite track from her album (minus the old songs). It’ll be a waste for him to not sing.

  5. Very cheap. Super duper cheap. :( He has lost his touch since the good ol’ days imo. He should concentrate on training more composers… But I actually heard that Liyin’s childhood friend, Song Bingyang (the one who dueted with her on her album) is being trained as a composer, so I hope that goes well. It’ll be interesting to see him turn out as a composer for SM.

  6. Yeah…but SM is so cheap with his songs and he started the Hallyu wave.

    All he ever does is buy songs, and so many of them are from Non-Korean composers. He has a few people he pays attention to, and the rest he’s lazy with his songs.

    Like Shinee? People love them and so much of their entire first album is remakes.

    It’s not about the music.

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