Alan Receives a Call From Wei Chen on a Radio Show

Decided to stick the MV to this post because I didn’t want to make another entirely separate post for what is simply a commercial. It’s not Jetta’s Big Day or a masterpiece like that. Here’s some more Wei Chen for you, because the song does not show off his vocals well, despite the fact that he, along with friend Su Xing, wrote the rap, and he doesn’t get too much screentime. I would post more pics of Alan, but her fanbase in China is smaller and thus no fan-taken pics from this event.

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Performing the Jia You! You Have Me song

I’m short on free time as of late, so I thought I’d post this rather quickly instead of the more time-consuming posts I’m still working on, even though this has been on my youtube channel for a while. It’s a cut from a radio interview where Alan talks about her theme song for Red Cliff Part 2 (which opened this weekend in China), and Wei Chen is a guest caller . I was going to stick this with the actual MV when it comes out, but oh well.

I never thought I would post on one commercial so much but since the commercial is supposed to be encouraging to students and telling them to achieve their dreams, I guess it doesn’t hurt.

For anyone who doesn’t understand Mandarin, this is the quick Cliff Notes summary of the conversation:

Alan receives a phone call from Wei Chen, the other half of the Epson song, and doesn’t know it’s him. He says he’s a fan but gets her fan club name wrong because she doesn’t have a fan club name (poor Alan, they need to give her one!). Then the host says his name she gets surprised, and starts asking about his health because of how little they were wearing for the MV shoot (Wei Chen said in another video he would like to next film a commercial where army coats were the required wear). He says he’s fine and then they start talking about their previous collaboration, when they were the only two selected to represent China at the 9th Asian New Singer Competition in 2006, where within China Wei Chen was 1st and Alan was 2nd. At the final international competition stage Alan eventually lost by 0.005 points to Filipina Maria Donna Taneo (Filipinos are the best at singing and dancing in Asia and you can never convince me otherwise) for the grand prize.

Wei Chen said he was surprised one day to see Alan in the MV for Red Cliff, and was then glad to know that two people working towards the common goal of creating music could both achieve some success in that field, which is the part that I really liked about this video (and Alan too judging from her expressions). I’m a sucker for hearing about how people realize their dreams, and that’s one of the things I love about Wei Chen. He’s very matter-of-fact about what he wants to acheive with his music.

For the rest of the interview that’s not uploaded, Alan states that she plans to have three singles in the first half of 2009. Omg Alan, Avex is singling you to death…where’s the full album?

6 thoughts on “Alan Receives a Call From Wei Chen on a Radio Show

  1. Really? But in the interview, Alan said that she was releasing 5(?) singles, one per month, early this year.

  2. I love alan. <3 She’s amazing. She’s looking terribly skinny though. Avex has really been working her because I remember for her first Japanese single, she didn’t look as skinny. And her eyebags! Aish. Hope she gets some rest before she starts promoting her first album! Which comes out March 4th, I believe. ;)

  3. They wrote the rap for this song together, too?
    So Lu Hu has written three songs for him and Allen two. If Allen does one more with him, he’ll be even with Lu Hu…lol
    but really, this song was all about Alan. It doesn’t show off Wei Chen’s voice at all.
    Maybe the reason why Alan’s going on the New Year’s show is because Hunan has a contract with Avex, too. But Avex dropped He Jie…so how could they be friends?

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