Fuji TV to air Five Star Hotel

Zhang Junning and Niu Mengmeng

Zhang Junning and Niu Mengmeng in a "Five Star Hotel" photoshoot

After a popular first showing this summer, Hai Yan’s new drama, “Five Star Hotel,” will begin airing on Japanese Fuji TV beginning February 11th.

Along with NHK and TBS, Fuji TV is one of the three mainstream TV stations of Japan. Last summer, Fuji TV invited the cast of Five Star Hotel to Japan to film a new ending for the drama.

As the most mainstream entertainment channel of Japan, Fuji TV has higher expectations for “Five Star Hotel” than Winter Sonata, another foreign drama introduced by Fuji TV. Five Star Hotel will air during the most popular time for dramas, 18:00-18:45.

Fuji TV views the introduction of Zhang Junning into Japan optimistically and hopes to use his perfect looks and “Five Star Hotel”‘s strengths to make him the symbol of Chinese entertainment in Japan.

source: Sina

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8 thoughts on “Fuji TV to air Five Star Hotel

  1. APAAN SIE . . .




  2. @Tracy…lol, it does look like Twilight. Now I don’t know if I can enjoy looking at either of them anymore. :P

    @DontWorryAboutIt Sorry, it’s not subbed. Most mainland series never get subbed. Doesn’t matter how good they are…since most people don’t know about the ones other than wuxia or Jin Yong.

    I’m guessing the summer was a trial run? Who knows? I suppose the series must have done decently for them to want to show it again at a good time.

    I don’t know if this series can be that popular though; I thought it was draggy. Then again, I think all dramas are draggy. Even the short Japanese ones. This series, I thought however, had some of the most beautiful cinematography I’ve seen in a tv series. They had great camera angles, and it was almost movie quality. Heck, it was movie quality other than closeups. In that regard, and the ambience that the music gave it, it really did stand out. Also the script was pretty good…I have a book version of it somewhere in my house.

    Yeah, Huang Xiaoming made it on The list of favorite foreign actors in Japan because of that series.

  3. I wonder how well the first airing did. Before they first started airing the series on Fuji TV. there were Chinese articles saying how they hope this series will mark Zhang Junning as the emblem of the “Chinese Wave” like what Winter Sonata did for Bae Yong Joon.

    Mainland series and actors are getting more popular and noticed in Japan, such that there is a surge for a “华流”.

    Huang Xiao Ming got pretty popular in Japan when New Shanghai Bund was airing there.

  4. oh snap, this might do what meteor garden did for taiwan : D, make mainland artists popular globally

  5. I did not even recognize Zhang Junning and Niu Mengmeng in that picture above! It looks like an Asian version of Twilight. hahaha :D

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