Vae is someone whose pictures I had seen before I heard his voice, but apparently he was more than just a amateur net idol. He’s a polymath, someone who excels at many things. He was one of the top ten students in Anhui province, and graduated from Anhui Medical School. He also dabbled in writing and web graphics, publishing more than 20 articles in periodicals and winning an award for the later in Anhui. On top of all that, he’s somehow been a prolific songwriter as well, who does all the composing, lyrics, arranging, recording, mixing, etc for his songs.

On January 10th his first real “debut” album is supposed to be released (it’s been leaked though). The presale order for this reached 10,000 through orders on his website.

Vae – You He Bu Ke

His first claim to fame was when his song “Moth” was put on Sina in 2006 and received more than 70,000 downloads. He got a lot of offers after that, such as producing the 2006 Supergirls album. I’m not sure if he took up any of those offers (especially since that album sucked). He did however write a lot of songs in that time. He has written at least 110 songs so far, and despite only releasing a real album only now (with only 9 songs? what’s up with that?) , he’s gained a hoard of fans who love his music.

He’s also gotten a lot of Jay/Hou Xian comparisons (he even kind of looks like Jay, with bigger lips), leaving me scratching my head as how I’ve never heard of him before this release since I love both Jay and Hou Xian’s compositions.

This is a collab between Vae and someone called “Jay’s Shadow”, called such because he sounds like Jay. Who is Jay’s Shadow? Who knows…definitely not Jay, and I don’t think it’s Hou Xian like some speculate. I think it’s just some random dude, but anyway, it’s a nice song to listen to.

Vae and “Jay’s Shadow’ – Liu Ni Wan (note: Jay’s Shadow is credited as “Jay de ying zi”)

In contrast to Hou Xian who apparently loves his Zhong Guo Feng style and is sticking to it until the bitter end, Vae sort of experiments around, and I feel like he still has much to explore with his music. Vae definitely has talent and at age 22 he can pretty much go any direction with his future. I’ve enjoyed what I’ve heard from him and I hope he sticks to music instead of all those other things, because selfishly, I will never be the recipient of any good medical care he gives. Watch this statement come back to haunt me.

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