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I am really, really sorry I’ve been giving out so much wrong information lately. I swear it’s not my fault…Hunan keeps changing things. Since someone asked what happened to A-One’s debut, I decided to post this, in case anyone else was wondering . A-One is not “debuting” on Happy Camp on the 4th. Instead Hunan pushed the airing of their episode to “somewhere in February”.

However, they will be filming for two MVs, “Insect Whirlwind” and “You Shattered My Heart”, filming Jan 6-17th and 18th-25th respectively, and they will probably release their album “soon”. If I were saying this aloud I’d be using air quotes like crazy.

At this point, I’m not really sure that their appearance on Happy Camp can be called a “debut” since they’ve already appeared on various smaller programs, such as this one, albeit with only five members. At this point I’m not really sure how many people are going to be in the band.

This performance was from a show, called “Hand Around Love” where Liu Miaomiao had to go find people to hug. Go watch it…he’s cute in it. All in all, they seem like a cute group.

Here’s some A-One Leader, Yu Hongjun eyecandy for you as an apology for telling everyone the wrong info, in a photoshoot taken by Men’s Style. I wish they would stop collabing with that magazine, because it is really quite…pervy. This is fairly tame for them, let’s not go any further, yeah?


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  1. they havent been doing much activity wise. theres some mvs on tudou. visit cfensi.dramaddicts.com for more info on other china entertainment related news.. =]

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