New Years All Across China and Taiwan


The fearless Jane Zhang

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So this is a little late, but I tried to wait to see if I could find any videos of certain people I liked but that didn’t happen. Chinese people need to support Chinese artists and put up HQ videos. Seriously. I have little time on my hands so what I have here are mostly vids that others bothered to put up.

China is really way too big . There were too many choices this year. CCTV, the main national channel had its own New Years shindig targeted toward the elderly demographic. In addition to this Jiangsu, Hunan, Zhejiang, and Dragon TV were four of the bigger stations vying for the younger viewers. There were also lots of smaller stations. I feel sorry for Americans, who only have parades to watch for their big holidays.



For some reason they had not only an English speaking host this year, but also a French and Spanish one. They’re not hard to get…there’s a CCTV F and CCTV E (which is conducted in French and Spanish exclusively) but what’s the point? Most of the performances were of boring, non-pop stars, apart from Li Xiaolu. Usually they invite some people that would appeal to people under the age of oh…50 (and even the seniors looked bored), but this year, no. I think CCTV is tired of big fancy productions after the Olympics, since Moon Autumn Festival’s show was a lot more low-key than the previous year, but hopefully they step it up for the Chinese New Year on the 26th and stick all of the hot Olympians in it, like they promised.


Liu Xiang and Yao Ming send VCR greetings to Jiangsu TV's New Year Program, bond over foot troubles, and hey look at that, drink coke, the beverage of choice for top athletes everywhere

Jiangsu TV – Theme: Music Lets Me Express Love

This was by all accounts the best of the bunch; they invested tens of millions into their program and the LED screen in the background alone cost 2 million. China sure likes those big LED screens.

Performers: Harlem Yu, Yu Quan, Jane Zhang, Laure Shang, Anson Hu, David Tao, JJ Lin, Joanna Wang, The Flowers, Wang Leehom, Stanley Huang, Xu Wei, Karen Mok, Yoga Lin, Tanya Chua and others


I really wanted to find a performance from Joanna Wang at Jiangsu but gave up, but you can look at the pretty picture of her wearing her usual ensemble

Jane Zhang – Painted Skin Theme Song

Laure Shang+ Yu Quan – If You Are The One Theme Song

It’s a nice contrast between Laure Shang, who just started her career this year with Hua Yi, and Yu Quan, a songwriting/singing duo in China who enjoyed their tenth anniversary as a group this year.

JJ Lin- medley of a whole bunch of his songs. He loves performing KO.


Su Xing, Wei Chen, Zhang Jie

Hunan TV

Performers: Most Supergirls/boys, the China-based SM people, Mayday, Leon Lai, Shin, Rene Liu, Jolin Tsai

Well, we now know who was the brains behind the Jiangsu-Hunan collabs in the past. They held it at Shenzhen Window to the World Amusement Park which was probably a better idea in theory than execution. Besides the faulty sound system, some of their main stars Li Yuchun and He Jie were both very sick. Li Yuchun, usually lively, looked like she was going to pass out when they interviewed her between her performances, but because she is that awesome and professional and sang her second song without any of that showing. He Jie ended her night singing her line in Beijing Welcomes You badly, giving a “wtf” face, and then going off stage looking like she was going to cry.

And no they did not announce any F4 cast, when even though Wei Chen thought they would. Nor did they announce the Le Huo Nan Hai theme song. All in all, a rather messy, and disappointing night for fans of Hunan TV. But this was their first year doing this so perhaps next year will be better, and not with as many, “wtf” moments.

Wei Chen + Su Xing + Zhang Jie – Descendant of the Dragon

Chris Lee (Li Yuchun)

– singing her cute new song “Why Me”, not showing her sickness. This girl needs more credit than the usual, “is that a girl or a guy?” she gets

Some more Hunan eyecandy for you. Even if the sound system was off or whatever happened, the pretty was still there.

Some more Hunan eyecandy for you. Even if the sound system was off or whatever happened, the visuals were still there.

Dragon TV

Performers: Angela Zhang, BOBO, Eason Chan, Xue Zhiqian, Go Go Club…some other people?

This went on for almost 7 hours, from 7:30 until 2 am. Unfortunately, despite all that fun, the only video to be found showing the cute Shanghai stage step up was of Angela Zhang who was good at playing to the crowd , but unfortunately went off-key and it isn’t really worth my time to upload to youtube.



Performers: Danson Tang, Hey Girl, Rainie Yang, Show Luo, Y2J, Jam Hsiaosome others I don’t really know

This is Taiwan’s biggest channel I think, and it boasted some big stars. Unfortunately, I don’t know the full list of which ones, because my simplified reading abilities makes it harder to get news on Taiwan, but here are some performances from two of my favorite One Million Star contestants/pkers because in contrast to some of the otehr people I found vids for, they can actually sing.

Y2J – Wu Zhuan de Qiang Wei (Armor-Clad Rose)

Jam Hsiao – Prince’s New Clothes

I’m sorry for not covering anything from Hong Kong or elsewhere, but if traditional is enough to stop me from finding info, then Cantonese + Traditional certainly is.

Other things going on during New Years in China

Fahrenheit had a concert in Beijing, Peng Tan had his “concert”, Zhao Wei and Zhou Xun went together to A Yue Chang’s concert looking super cute together. Faye Wong and hubby Li Yapeng were spotted at Chaoyang Theater, which you can check out at Fayewong Today.


Zhao Wei and Zhou Xun fangirling, well at least Zhao Wei is. She looks like she's telling Zhou Xun...hey, why aren't you fangirling?


Peng Tan's Mini-Concert

Expect more belated posts to come this week.


36 thoughts on “New Years All Across China and Taiwan

  1. Lol, I really like your comments julie. They’re happy, upbeat, representative I guess of what I think are the younger Chinese Americans.

  2. Umm looking back at my comments from one year ago, I realize that I sounded so……… immature?? Lol… I’m kind of embarassed now. But I’m amused at the same time.

    But can’t wait for the new concert this year. (Would you call it the 2009 concert or the 2010 concert?)

  3. Whoaa, that’s a great modern version of “Descendant of the Dragon” that they made! The original was a Cantonese hit back in the 70’s, haha.

  4. @pho50: I hope he does release a new one, and I also hope his stuff gets more available for the overseas market.

    There’s one more reason to type in English on Chinese videos on YouTube: Your computer breaks and you use a different computer, you can’t see Chinese characters, and you can’t type them, either.

    There are two additional reasons that I can think of why people would prefer to upload Chinese videos to YouKu, etc.:

    1. Doesn’t have the length/size limits YouTube has. I watched a 80+ minute video on YouKu recently, which took forever to load, but it’s more convenient to upload that way when you don’t have the programs to cut the video up.

    2. Copyrights don’t matter a whole lot in Asia, but YouTube is American. Your account can get suspended for uploading MVs and videos of celebrities, even Asian celebrities. Then, all your hard work is gone.

  5. Never trust the media…lol
    Hunan aired Nicky Lee’s episode half a year after he went on it. The only good thing was you got to see Bibi on TV for the first time since forever.

  6. This doesnt really have anything to do with this post, but is a-one going to debut soon? i thought they were debuting on jan. 4.

  7. @cfensi – Great post!!

    @hobielover Wah!!! THANKS for the Peng Tan links! I love the new song…keke… can’t wipe this grin off my face. Will 2009 bring a new Peng Tan album?!!

  8. @hobielover Thanks for the vids of Peng Tan’s concert! I really wish I could have gone. Yay for someone posting those at youtube.

    @VIX I feel like a large part of the reason that the videos aren’t high quality are because of the lack of idols, or boybands in China and Taiwan. There are some, but they aren’t the dominant force in Chinese entertainment…the ones most people go to watch are still the singer-songwriters, which just isn’t as flashy as a bunch of boys jumping around.

    I’m just bitter at the lack of Wang Yuexin HQ vids.

    @ nias I don’t think HIT-5 were at a new years concert, but I could be wrong…there are lots of smaller stations that would have welcomed them. A-One was on one of those smaller stations.

    @Stranger I think the shot was just a bad one of Zhou Xun…in the other pics she looked like she was having fun. :D

    @jenniferkiew Yeah, I’d love for more Zhao Wei and Zhou Xun collabs. And Chen Kun thrown in the mix wouldn’t be bad either. Hell, they should throw Huang Xiaoming in too, and just make it a renunion of sorts. Whichever movie in China with all four of them in it would be huge.

  9. yea,zhao wei n zhou xun are extremely close. vicki even complains of having difficulty hating zhou xun while filming Painted Skin cuz they’re such good frens in real life…its a shame they didnt start cooperating earlier though…they even have nicknames for each other…

  10. Wow jiangsu tv seem to have gone the extra mile. Even I feel like going out and watching the whole show after watching Jane’s and JJ’s performances. Jane was amazing, how could anyone sing while being on that thing? O_O They got Aya to host too, which is definitely a plus point, for me anyway.

    And Zhao Wei and Zhou Xun at a concert together is so cute! So they’re really friends in private? Zhou Xun looked awfully calm while raising her hand really, I’d expected her to be more…excited. Haha. XD

    Cfensi, I used to know more about the Taiwanese scene, like who’d be performing where and things like that because I’d watch entertainment news on a daily basis lol. I was away for the holidays so I was out of touch with the whole thing. But usually there are at least 3 or 4 very big concerts in Taiwan.

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