Falling in love with the most beautiful sun

If you notice him, you’ll definitely be moved by his voice, you’ll fall in love with him.

– Xie Na

The most beautiful sun – Zhang Jie

From the “servant girl in every movie” to one of the most popular hosts in China, Xie Na’s new book recounts her years of struggle in Beijing. In it, she also tells the story of Zhang Jie, the most controversial Super Boy of 2007, and one with a voice that touched her heart:

The first time Zhang Jie held a concert, I was scared, but as soon as I entered, I felt overwhelmed. The seats were filled, even the aisles were crowed; everything around me was blue. After watching the concert, I was again surprised. When the whole stadium sang “The most beautiful sun” together with him, my eyes were wet.I think he has a musician’s spirit: he loves music and he loves singing more than anything else. You can stop him from doing anything, but you can never stop him from singing.

singing a duet on Hunan TV's New Year Concert

singing a duet on the New Year Concert (yes, she did cry)

That day, he smiled happily, but behind his happiness, there’s so much pain. He’s someone whose only dream was to buy a house for his mom and to have a stage to sing on, but he’s always harmed by others. It’s not fair.

Before joining Super Boys, Zhang Jie had won 1st on My Show in 2004. He signed on to a newly formed company. During that time, he received almost no promotion other than the shows that his friends, such as He Jiong and Xie Na, helped him to get on. His manager eventually quit the company.

singing Northern Star’s love, music and lyrics by Zhang Jie

One day, his manager called me and said that he’s no longer Zhang Jie’s manager. No one will take care him now. When we heard this news, our hearts went cold. We knew it was hard for him, but we never thought it would get harder. We helped him to get on some shows. Once, he went on only 15 minutes of “Kuai Le Da Ben Ying/Happy Citadel.” Only 15 minutes, and already a lot of people liked him…A lot of people left comments, saying, “wow, he’s so good, how come we never knew about him before?”

Sometimes, the rumors between me and Zhang Jie began. I didn’t care. If I can helpe you notice him, there’s nothing wrong with that. I trust Zhang Jie’s abilities. He’s not someone who’ll be beaten by rumors. If you notice him, you’ll definitely be moved by his voice, you’ll fall in love with him.

Xie Na and Zhang Jie in his mv, After tomorrow

Xie Na and Zhang Jie in his mv, After tomorrow

One day, we called him excitedly, telling him we found a job for him. That day, he was strangely quiet. He was not happy as usual, but turned the offer down.

We asked him why, but he wouldn’t tell us…later, he texted me, “I’ve heard all the stories going around. You guys were fine before, but helping me has had so many negative affects on you guys. I don’t want my friends to be hurt because of me…

I miss the competition times, when at least I had a stage to sing freely, and my fans could hear me sing. But now, I must always go as XX’s friend, or XX’s rumored boyfriend, and such. I don’t want it to be like this. ” That was the first time he said so much.

After tomorrow- Zhang Jie ft Xie Na

After that, Zhang Jie left Beijing and returned home to Chengdu to become a bar-singer. When one of his friends signed up for Super Boys, he went along. Xie Na was the host for the Chengdu auditions of Super Boys.

Later I asked him, what would your fans think? He said, they would be surprised, but they’ll be soon happy. They’ll say, “ha, we can hear him sing again.”

Because he wanted to sing for his fans, he went to that competition. He knew it would be a hard road, but he was prepared to walk it.

To be friends with someone like him, you’ll feel safe, content, happy, and lucky. You can learn a lot from him, and get a lot of good habits. Those habits will influence your whole life. If I have to say one sentence to Zhang Jie, then it’ll be “Thank you!”

Zhang Jie and Xie Na on Kuai Le Da Ben Ying, him singing Planet & Meteor

Due to her relationship with Zhang Jie, Xie Na eventually left her hostess position on Super Boys. Zhang Jie won fourth place with over 1 million votes.  Earlier this month, he finally brought himself out of his previous company with the help of his fans who raised millions in eight days for him. He and Xie Na sang their first on-stage duet together on Hunan TV’s New Year Concert.

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  1. It’s weird to see people talked about Chinese celeb gossip in English, but I enjoyed it though… LOL

  2. i am a person who is from north america(canada/Ontario) and i met zhang jie in an airport before,b ut i never had a chance to go to his concert, and i really hope he will come to Canada(Ontario in the Air Canada center or something) i am sure he has a lot of fans in Canada. I love his music when he was in superboy and i fell in love with his dancing and signing when he was dancing in strictly come dancing and loved his danceing ever since like ever. I really hope he will come to Canada. Can someone plz keep my posted if he ever comes to Canada, even if it’s it nunavut i will fly over to his his music

  3. I lOve Zhang Jie and Na NA!!!
    Na Na is so optimistic and encouraging! she brings laughters to All!

  4. i love zhang jie he is sooo…… awesome and hot
    i love his voice its so awesome
    1 word to desribe him perfect
    love him

  5. @Snowy
    haha its pretty unlikely they just forgot lol. so right now we are still in the dark. grrr
    I watched it on my TV since they I have Hunan satellite channel, but it should also be up on tudou by now :)

  6. @Tracy;
    Thanks for answering that o: Where did you watch the concert? XD
    Wow, totally low commercial tactics D: Maybe they just really forgot it :X It’s kinda unbelieveable oh well ….

  7. Snowy: They did not announce the Meteor Garden cast. They pretty much used it as a selling point of the concert. In news on Hunan TV about an hour before the start of the concert they mentioned that they were going to. AT THE START OF THE CONCERT the hosts once again mentioned they were going to…but they never did. Pretty low commercial tactics, IMO. lol

  8. awww, poor girl, Julie. Watching Happy Camp/Citadel/Headquarters without getting the Zhang Jie jokes is like missing half of the fun.

  9. so touching…i finally get why on happy camp they always go zhang jie lol
    he has the best voice ever!!!!!!

  10. his voice is really nice to listen to *_* rofl.
    His story is like wow. Poor guy though when the manager left. But I am glad for him since he is back now, I am glad for his fans too rofl.

    I haven’t seen the concert year yet (still trying to find where rofl) XD But I saw some pics and it looks really nice LOL. uwaaa. x3

    Did they announced the cast for Meteor Garden o: Haha I am kinda excited for it rofl. XD

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