Leehom is back and looking really good…

This is what jet-lagged Leehom looks like. Life's not fair.

This is what severly jet-lagged (Shanghai, HK, Taipei in twelve hours!) Leehom looks like. Yeah, Life's not fair.

I’m not talking about his physical features, although I’ve put up a recent picture which speaks for itself on that matter. I’m talking about his music. Practically everyone has mentioned everything about his new album and any news about it, so I have little room to work with, but I was so impressed with the album that I decided to post on him anyway although I’m just going to talk about two tracks that are more “news-related” than others.

Usually I love him, love his personality, his character, his passion for music, but as for the actual music, I just liked it. Never really loved it although it’s still good. But this time his album was really good and even for someone who never heard of that “plays 10 instruments! 1600 SATs! is hot!” stuff that he is always saddled with when mentioned, would really appreciate the music just by itself. I highly recommend you all listen to it now, although most people who read this site probably will check it out anyway.

I feel like there’s one part of the album that’s might to get mentioned a bit over and over in the rumor mill, which is his song “I don’t have any reason to pay attention to you” with its funky lyrics. It’s supposedly directed towards Xiao Chong, a pretty well-known Taiwanese music producer who was a judge for the Wind and Cloud Newcomers audition. I’ve never heard of this singing competition (and I obviously like the mainland singing competitions) so I have no idea if this was aired on TV. But during the competition, one contestant who seemed rather simple-minded said when asked to sing Lee Hom’s song Big City Small Love said that during a karaoke night with friends he thought it seemed like one of Emil Chau’s song. Xiao Chong then proceeded to agree with the implication that a lot of Leehom’s songs are like that, meaning copied.

This is the exact video of what happened so you can judge for yourself without hearsay.

Xiao Chong and his thinly-veiled remarks about Leehom’s originality

All I have to say is that if this competition is the one that picked the members for Wind and Cloud boyband then the judges shouldn’t be picking on anybody else’s musical taste, especially not Leehom who cares so deeply about music .

The other song on the album that involves a second party is the track after that, track six, ‘Another Heaven’ which features Jane Zhang, who I feel I need to give a shoutout to because 1) it segue ways nicely into the next post on this site about mainlanders in Taiwan and 2) idarklight loves her voice. Me too. Props to Leehom, who basically put her in a duet to get her more noticed, and looking around I see that his promotion of her was necessary. I’m still floored to find out that there are so many people who don’t know who Jane Zhang is. Especially Chinese/people who listen to Chinese music. Usually people can get very famous very quickly by singing theme songs (FIR for Outsiders, Anson Hu for Love Contract etc). But she’s done enough great theme songs(Return of the Condor Heroes,The Banquet, Painted Skin,etc.) to fill up an entire album. How the heck is she still unknown? btw,  if you haven’t heard any of those songs, click them now, I promise you won’t regret it.

So to summarize…Leehom rocks, and he couldn’t have done a better job to shut-up naysayers.

6 thoughts on “Leehom is back and looking really good…

  1. alexandra: I remember reading that LeeHom did get into trouble for plagiarism once, and it seems it was an accident, but this year, someone from India also got in trouble for plagiarizing LeeHom, and it was blatant. One or two plagiarism accusations isn’t much, though, since a lot of these happen with no basis, but if LeeHom got a song plagiarized, doesn’t that mean that the song was good enough for others to want it?

    BTW, isn’t it 10+ instruments by now?

    I don’t think this is my favorite LeeHom album, but there are some strong songs on it.

  2. Leehom’s music does have some similarities to certain songs but I’ve never thought he copied; he always displays such exuberance and passion for music and seems like he’d have too much integrity to copy. Xiao Zhong seems so smug and knowing, it’s pretty offensive.

    And I love Jane Zhang! She’s one of my favourite mainland singers. But I can’t read Chinese, so I usually have no idea what’s up with her. She definitely could do with more spotlight, her voice is so gorgeous!

    All round thumbs up for Leehom!

  3. Xiao Chong seems really unprofessional to me, judging from that clip. Even if he really believed Leehom is a copycat, his way of expressing it was immature :(

    I havn’t heard Leehom’s album yet, but I will check it out soon!

  4. If I were Leehom the thing that I would take the most offense to is someone calling me a copycat. Music is his life basically, and the guy just called his life a lie. I don’t think Leehom is the greatest composing talent out there, but I do believe he puts tremendous effort into writing his songs.

    Plus Xiao Chong probably could have done without the smirk while he said it.

    Anyway, just putting this up so that everyone can see without guessing exactly what happened, verbatim.

  5. Squee!!! New album is so much love!!! <3. Also, thank you for sharing that xiao chong clip. I heard the story behind the song and I’m glad now I’m able to see the evidence. The whole thing seems sort of childish to me, but I’m neither a famous music producer nor a famous pop star so what do I know.

    Also, when I heard “Another Heaven,” I was wondering who the girl vocalist was. She’s really good. I hope this duet opens some avenues for her

    Ahhh, okay, I just have to spazz some more!! <3<3<3

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