Pictures from the set of Le Huo Nan Hai

Someone wanted know more about Le Huo Nan Hai, so this is a post for you. This is the last picspam I am doing for Le Huo Nan Hai, aka the Superboys Musical because I think it’s finished wrapping up its shoot, and probably all that’s left is editing and then come summer time 2009 China will have her first musical since the underwhelming Perhaps Love. Actually, probably more pictures will come out when they start doing publicity for this, so I’ll post on it then, but that won’t be for a while. I don’t even know if I’ll be running this site then.


It’s a musical about a group of friends pursuing their dream of being singers.

– Credits to darklight


Yu Haoming ft Tang Xiao as the leads
Ji Jie as Tang Xiao’s brother/the evil guy
Wei Chen as the girl-chaser
Wang Yuexin as the “cool” rich kid loan-shark
Allen Su Xing as the cabdriver
Amulong as the fighter
Wang Zhengliang as the classical musician
Zhang Yuan as the pop musician

Chen Chusheng as the music teacher
Lu Hu as the gay guy

Unfortunately I only have pictures for people who have stalker fans and take lots of pics of what’s going on set. So Wang Yuexin apparently has the most stalker-fans (*cough*), Yu Haoming second, and Wei Chen third. Even though Amulong and Su Xing all have really active baidus, and fans, they really don’t have fans who take their pics all that much. Zhang Jie has the most pictures of him in his baidu (which makes sense considering for the duration of filming his fans brought him yummy lunch to eat every single day), but they’re usually of him doing the same thing unlike with the three boys mentioned above. It’s like everytime he moved they snapped a picture.













Zhang Jie looks so cute here. I think I’m becoming a pretty big fan now.







So the girl with the “No reason why i am single T-shirt is Tang Xiao”!














15 thoughts on “Pictures from the set of Le Huo Nan Hai

  1. haha i managed to figure it out! it was wang yuexin with his shades that i was talking about oops. while wei chen and yu haoming (the one in a white shirt with 3/4 blue sleeves?) look super adorable. ack, the superficiality!

    haha i need to go look for their music now to make myself feel a bit better. (though wang yuexin’s 天生一對 in the latest post is very cute!)

  2. ahww! XD
    I love the pics of Yuexin and Wei Chen together on the bike! *___* KE AIII LE ! x3
    Lots of thansk for posting a pics spam :3
    Altho I only recognize Yuexin, Wei Chen and Haoming rofl. But I think I kind of know who is ZhangJie, since you mentioned him in the pics haha.
    I hope I can watch this when it comes out, it looks interesting =D

  3. lol. there at least four guys in shades. I’m going to eliminate Zhang Jie because he definitely doesn’t look the part. That leaves Wei Chen, my favorite, Yu Haoming, Tracy’s favorite, and Wang Yuexin, cfensi’s favorite.

    They’re all from Super Boys. Most of them are mainly singers. Zhang Yuan’s in a boyband called Top Combine; Yu Haoming pretty much does everything-hosting, dancing, singing acting. Wei Chen acts some, but he prefers to sing.

  4. omg so i have no idea who all these guys are (i’m a complete newbie!) but they are mostly reaaally good-looking.. though there’s this guy in shades all the time who seems a bit too poser. are they all very young actors from the mainland or are they singers-actors?

  5. if you watch the video where they all introduced their characters:
    Lu Hu said that he’s a helper in the company, and then Wang Yuexin added that Lu Hu has a very unique personality, and then Wei Chen said that Lu Hu was in love with Zhong Zijie, who’s Yu Haoming’s character.

  6. Lu Hu’s suppose to be in love with Yu Haoming.
    From the behind the scenes, I couldn’t tell what Zhang Jie was…he plays a very minor role, anyways.

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