Kwai Lun-mei Rocks It; Feng Xiaogang Evaluates Peers


The girl with the name that I will never know how to romanize properly but still love, is dabbling in singing with her quirky song “Hello Microphone”, theme song to quirky movie “Not All Women Are Bad”, in which she plays a quirky singer. I use the word quirky a lot because I don’t know any other adjectives for the movie. I wish I could call it good, but If You Are the One‘s director Feng Xiaogang has apparently monopolized that adjective for the season. But can he write lyrics??

Gui Lun-mei – Hello Microphone (lyrics by movie’s director Tsui Hark)

Feng Xiaogang actually had a few words about the other esteemed Chinese directors trying their hand at the holiday box office, saying that he had seen both “Not All Women Are Bad/All About Women” and “Mei Lanfang/Forever Enthralled” .

“Hark I feel has a very young heart, is very passionate, and likes to try new things. Kaige’s Mei Lanfang I should say…is directed…pretty well. In the same line of work, there’s many I admire. I’m afraid if I say more I may offend someone.”

I’m not sure if that sounds like how he meant for it to sound but I thought it was funny nevertheless and I can’t help but quote any veiled or semi-veiled jabs at Chen Kaige. Note I left the elipses (…) exactly as they are in the article.

Back to Guey Lun-mei I believe she did an “in-character” Hotspot photoshoot way back when this film was supposed to be released in October, just like Kitty Zhang Yuqi. Now if I could only find Zhou Xun’s I’d have the complete set.

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And yeah, Tsui Hark should pay me for all the advertisement I am doing for his movie. But he did a hell of a fine job picking his female cast and his male eye-candy cast and I think I’ll still like this movie even if it is messy and too long as people say it is. Thank you for trying new things Tsui Hark.

4 thoughts on “Kwai Lun-mei Rocks It; Feng Xiaogang Evaluates Peers

  1. I love the lyrics! I think you’re looking for too much beauty in lyrics, probably because that’s what drew you to Chinese music. But I love it when they’re crazy and seemingly meaningless like this. Things can’t be serious and poetic all the time. It’s that Chinese humor…although I wouldn’t call this exactly Chinese humor. A little bit related though.

    I’ll be severely disappointed if Gui Lun-mei goes the actress-truned-singer route.

  2. I don’t mean she’s bad. Actually, I think she sounds like Ella from S.H.E, but quite possibly better, and the rockish song rather works for her. :) Her voice is at least unique. I just don’t think she should start using time she could be using acting for singing and having concerts like some other actors/actresses have done, and the director of this movie should definitely not try writing lyrics again. Hmm…maybe the director of another movie she starred in could compose a song for her.

  3. Oh…I’m by no means putting this out there because I think she’s good vocally. I like her as an actress, and she’s probably going to stay that way, but is doing this song because her character was the rocker in the movie. I just like the mish-mash of images from the movie.

  4. I didn’t really have very high expectation’s for her singing, and I couldn’t recognize her until I noticed the name. Then, I was like, “Is that Xiaoyu?!” 0_o I’d only seen her in “Secret” and the MV for FIR’s “Our Love,” since I don’t watch a whole bunch of Chinese films. Her singing isn’t the most terrible thing I’ve heard, better than I was expecting at least.

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