Wishing You a Merry Christmas with Cute, Happy MVs

Thanks to insomnia I’m posting with a couple of MVs for everybody as a way to start their Christmas bright and happily.


First up is Top Combine’s Cotton Candy, a sweet song composed and written by member Ma Xueyang from their debut EP. Best part would have to be Zhang Yuan trying to bribe the little girl with sweets and food.

Top Combine – Cotton Candy

Next is Jerry (Yuan Chengjie) and Stephy’s (Qi Wei) ‘s Fantasy Romance.. I have the hardest time trying to translate their very Chinese group name to English and finally I decided on Boy and Girl. They were formed in China last year and this song is very different from the ballads they released on their debut album. However, I absolutely love looking at the MV. It’s like a gap commercial and Schoolhouse Rock song rolled into one, and they’re both quite expressive, and it just makes me happy looking at it and I want to spread that happiness.

Boy and Girl (Nan Cai Nv Mao) – Fantasy Romance (lyrics by Stephy)

6 thoughts on “Wishing You a Merry Christmas with Cute, Happy MVs

  1. I love the Top Combine MV!
    Zhang Yuan is such a good singer :)
    But, somehow the Korean guy just gets girlier and girlier. Why can’t they give him a normal hairstyle? :(

  2. btw. did you know that Stephy wrote the lyrics to the song?

    and yes, Zhang Yuan’s food part was absolutely adorable.
    Scenery wise, I loved the scenes where Ma Xueyang was playing in the pink forest. It was so pretty.

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