“If You Are The One” Dominates the Box Office


Well, we all knew it would, despite the lack of too much promotion (boring posters and trailers that don’t say much) because it’s a Feng Xiaogang movie and that man has the midas touch when it comes to box office power. However, with a 100 million yuan intake for the first six days it’s been out, its already almost double the already good take for “Mei Lan Fang”.

Now the forecast is even higher than expected, and seems like it’ll hit the 200 million yuan mark easily. Considering that the reviews for “Not All Women Are Bad” are in general lackluster at best, and this one’s are much better, I’ll probably have to bank on this for providing me my cinematic Chinese humor. This movie, like all of Feng Xiaogang’s current movies are Hua Yi financed (as you call tell by the numerous Hua Yi stars that appear in it, such as Vivian Hsu, and theme songs by Hua Yi’s two best singers etc), and it looks like they’re going to have no trouble financing the many projects they have in store for 2009. Or sticking at least a dozen or so of their stars in those projects.


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