Xue Zhiqian Holds Concert in Shanghai with Old Friends


My sole reason for posting on Xue Zhiqian’s concert is because it’s been an incredibly long time since I have seen Xue Zhiqian with his friend Jun Jun (not pictured above). Maybe I haven’t looked hard enough, but it seems that they haven’t been together much since three years ago, when they hung out all the time. These two were from when China first starting getting into the idol craze, and their BFFery was some of the first fanservice, way before BoBo.

Together with Jia Qing, the girl from his Deeply loved You MVs and also an old friend from their “My Show” days, they talked about old times.


Three years ago, before their careers started


Xue Zhiqian was the pensive poetic one even then

Compilation video of Jun Jun and Sam back then, with their singing the theme song to “My Show”

First he and Jia Qing sang Bei Ji Xue, a lovely song not on his albums as shown in the above picture. The only decent fancam I had of this was one where the video was messed up and made horrible screeching noises, so basically I have no video for you. But Jia Qing was funny and teased him who he wrote “Ren Zhen De Xue” for (she starred in his MV for that song) and then asked if it was for her, and then she joked, “Of course not, we not close enough, our relationship is not that good”. Then after making him promise to write her a song in his next album she asked where Jun Jun was, bringing a roar from the fans.

Then Jun Jun came on stage and they reminisced about when they were all under the same manager and really poor, but happy. Not to say they aren’t now… I don’t know how Jun Jun and Jia Qing are doing in their respective music and acting careers. And Jia Qing sure seems happy.


And now at Xue's concert...Jia Qing needs to get out of the way and let Xue Zhiqian and Jun Jun man-hug


Jun Jun is thinking that Jia Qing talks ...a lot.

This is better:

Fancam of them. Xue Zhiqian pulls him in at the end after Jia Qing leaves.



Xue: I'm so sorry I brought her to this..next time at your concert it can be just the two of us.

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