Da Mouth Comes Back With New Album and Plans to Expand to Japan


Taiwan’s most internationally-flavored hip-hop band Da Mouth is coming back with a new album (Wang Yuan Kou Li Kou) after getting a lot of attention and nabbing a Golden Melody award this year for best group for their first self-titled album. Their members are Canadian-Taiwanese MC 40, Korean-Shangdongese-American male vocalist Harry, Taiwanese (but raised in Japan) DJ Chung Hua, and Japanese female vocalist Aisa.

New song Guo Wang Huang Hou (The King and Queen) MV (2 min version)

Not only are they trying for another Golden Melody award with this new album, but they say they sometime next year they want to enter the Japanese market. They are recording a Japanese version of 结果咧 (Jie Guo Lie).

Another MV released for this new album was Yong Yuan Zai Shen Bian, a remake of Aoyama Thelma & Soulja’s Koko ni Iru No, which frankly was better but it’s not bad. I don’t think it’s the best way to enter the Japanese market though. They should do a Japanese version of 119 which was a great, catchy song. It’d be interesting to see a Chinese-language artist expanding to another market, because so far no one in China or Taiwan has really bothered with the hassle of recording songs in other languages which is what it really takes to succeed in another market. For Da Mouth however, with Japanese vocalist Aisha, it actually makes sense for them to do Japanese songs. I wish them the best of luck.

Yong Yuan Zai Shen Bian (Always By Your Side) MV:


13 thoughts on “Da Mouth Comes Back With New Album and Plans to Expand to Japan

  1. To Billy: He could have one full Korean parent and one half Taiwanese half American parent or some other combination of halves XDD.


    Anyone know where to DL a HQ version of this?

  2. i like Da Mouth. They are pretty good. Whats a Korean-Taiwanese-American though? A half Korean half Taiwanese?

  3. @mcldel – Thanks, I added it. I like the full version better. More glimpses of the DJ. Thanks for the link to her earlier vid….she’s so cute in that with her ponytail. Maybe they can have a reunion while they’re there?

  4. Those are ambitious plans for Da Mouth. I think the Japanese market is really hard to break into for other Asian artists….is Aisha even famous in Japan to begin with?

  5. F4 I feel has been popular due to Meteor Garden, and recorded in Japanese due to their popularity, not to gain it.

    I don’t know if Fahrenheit’s Japanese could be called singing in Japanese. It may be more of a turn off than just listening to them in Chinese.

    I forgot about Vivian though…she’s fluent in Japanese right? So smart. She’s a pretty good example. I wonder if Kim Junghoon and her communicated in Japanese on the set of Lian Ai Bing Fa.

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