Xue Zhiqian is the first to be nominated for all major awards of Chinese Pop Music Ceremony


Xue Zhiqian is the first person to be nominated for all six of the major awards given by the Chinese Pop Music Ceremony in one year, including “best original composer,” “best album,” “best male singer,” “most popular singer,” “best album producer,” and “Golden song of the year” for both “Legend” and “Deeply in love with you,” which you can read about here and here.

Legend/Chuan Shuo, music and lyrics by Xue Zhiqian:

Cfensi’s comment: I love that part@3:22!

Xue Zhiqian will be competing with artists like Jade Liu, SHE, Anson Hu, Jay Chou, Charlene Choi, Jason Zhang, JJ Lin, Milk@Coffee, Chris Lee, Top Combine, Jane Zhang, BOBO, Elva Hsiao, Alan, Wei Chen, Fish Leong, basically everyone who’s anyone in cpop ( I’m not kidding…one of the songs nominated is Beijing Welcomes You, which by itself includes a gazillion singers)

(Note that the more correct translation, according to cfensi and I, of the second song should be Deeply Loved You, but the official title is Deeply in Love With You, which shows you how much China needs better English translators. Did I ever mention that Top Combine’s Cotton Candy is translated as Marshmallow on yesasia?)

7 thoughts on “Xue Zhiqian is the first to be nominated for all major awards of Chinese Pop Music Ceremony

  1. cool. Mainland needs to get a GMA that’s recognized as prestigious especially since so many new artists are emerging, it’d legitimize their music scene a lot.

    Also, I’ve never seen a s’more marshmallow in China before either, maybe cuz that stuff is pure sugar and Chinese people don’t like sweet stuff so much?? /off topic

  2. @window watcher, I think 音乐风云榜 (Music Wind Cloud List? I don’t know the English name) is the most prestigious in China, the equivalent of China’s grammys as is noted on its Baike. It was established 2001, and it’s based on audience vote, jury selection, and sales, in decreasing order of importance which seems pretty fair.

    At any rate, their winners have all been pretty good…not that fluff pop, and they seem like they look at a variety of different people, unlike teh CCTV-MTV awards, which will not nominate anyone from Supergirls/boys because CCTV hates them.

    Last year they awarded to a really wide range of people from Chen Chusheng to Cao Fang. They are not afraid to give to popular artists, nor budding indie, and they even have award for best rock album.

    Complete winners list and more info is here

    They also seem to have a weekly mainland bestselling charts list.

    idarklight’s right though…Golden Melody is still the most prestigious. Any award shows that have been around longer will be more prestigious, but it’s hard for mainland artists to get recognition in Taiwan, so if you’re talking about one that recognizes mainlanders more, then probably Music Wind Cloud List. I except in this growing industry they’ll get more prestigious however.

  3. There isn’t one…generally, none of the ones held by tv stations are good. The better ones…Golden Melody, but that’s mainly Taiwan
    This one seems pretty legit because its listings make sense and a lot of famous people have showed up for the nomination.
    Does China even have marshmallows? I have never seen one when I was in China.

  4. o__O the mv freaked me out but boy = cute. What exactly is China’s grammy? There are so many music award shows, I can’t figure out which one is the most prestigous.

  5. actually, whats the correct word for marshmallow in chinese? Because around here, people call marshmallows ‘mian hua tang’ as well.

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