Stunning in B&W: Gao Yuanyuan


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Edit: I found teh cover of the magazine this shoot was for. Not so bw and white anymore.

I was looking for photoshoots of Gao Yuan Yuan because I saw the below video at Sina of her looking back on 10 years of her career, and I knew that she had a photoshoot for it (I don’t think this is it however, but it is new). She next appears in “Nanking Nanking (English title: City of Life and Death)” with Liu Ye.

Before I don’t think I admired her very much because she hadn’t really done anything to take note of and thought she was just a pretty face. But when I realized that she was deliberately taking small roles, or taking time off to reflect on herself, I began to really respect her and love her unconventional attitude towards stardom and there’s a very refined quality to her, a mature thoughtful one that I really have seen much elsewhere. I loved the few words she had to say about her career in this video talking about her ten years of work as an actress.

“I never thought I loved my profession. But I really used about 10 years to understand my profession. I love my work.”

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